Abolitionist War of the Wolfings

I am at war with the Great Deciever from New York, that was called New Amsterdam. I call upon real white men to follow me, and stop following a fucking crybaby!

Rosamond Press

I declare myself The King of Bohemians in America. The Rosemond cote of arms depicts a wolf. I am going to render a better version and send it to the College of Arms.

Neo-Confederate Evangelicals took over the Republican Party and have worked hard to cut off our European roots, so only their TREACHEROUS history survives. This is why the are trying to save statues of TRAITORS and raise high the Flag of Slavery. They are the new Roman Empire of the Antichrist! Jesus and Moses were Abolitionists. The South hated the Forty-eighters. This is why they wanted to form their own nation. German and Hungarian immigrants were pouring into our Nation – and they were against slavery. This was an INVASION OF FOREIGNERS – who put Lincoln in the White House!

Bois le Duc means ‘Duke of the Woods’. If we take back the House I suggest We the…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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