Buck’s Joan Hour

“Unto thy self be true!”

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I have elevated the Buck Brevoort family! They are up there with the gods – and I have just begun! I love doing genealogies. This love was proof to Linda, Bill, and Heather, that I was insane – and dangerous! If Robert Buck is reading this blog, then this is his response;

“Insane away! Don’t stop now! I put Ipads on all my charter jets so my customers can read your blog!”

Above is a photo of my Heir, Tyler Hunt, at Jack London’s Wolf House. Jack was a good friend of the poet George Sterling, who co-founded Carmel, and promoted Robinson Jeffers. Patrice Hanson flipped out when I made these connctions. Her blessed Fairy-Wiccan Womb – hates all of this man-stuff!

“Ugh! I squat in forest and give birth to another fatherless child. I queen of the world. Worship me and my goddess seed!”

The law firm of Heisinger…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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