Morris&Buck Rendered Us Unworthy

“Know thyself!”

Rosamond Press

When I read Snyder’s Book of Evil three months ago, I wondered why he rendered my famous sister UNWORTHY. Then it occurred to me this was done to render me, the rival biographer – POWERLESS&UNWORTHY – because I had WONDERFUL AND EMPOWERING things to say about THE TWO family artists. Vicki and Mark, did not. They hated Christine and I. Pierrot was working for them, and Sydney Morris knew it. She was just a front. Seperating people, forever, is what attorneys do, especially in a DIVORCE.

The bond of VICKI & GARTH was cemented by the law firm of Heisinger, Morris, and Buck in order to SCREW Shannon and I. Shannon would have made much trouble for VICKI&MARK if they were not wearing masks and lurking in the background. Morris protected them, the UNCREATIVE SIBLINGS who came on like Creditors-Victims.

All thru Snyder’s biography, Rosamond is screwing everyone around her…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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