Lord Lieghton and Joaquin Miller

I declared myself  a New Pre-Raphaelite in 1969. A year later I met Irene Victoria Christensen, my muse, who today is Rena Easton. Christine saw the first painting I did of her, and took up art when she was twenty-four. Lord Leighton was a powerful influence on her later work. The Bohemian, Hippies, and Hollywood, owe so much to these arttists. Both my sister and I had no formal training that prevented (prevents) us from doing the work we wanted to do. For a little while we lived in a famous commune in San Francisco with Nancy Hamren and the Zorthian sisters, whose father was titled ‘The Last Bohemian’.

On August 30, 2019 I founded the ‘Rose City Planners’. This is why I was excited to discover the Potrero Plan. Surely they would want to be associated with Christine and I, and, Joaquin Miller, who had dinner with the Pre-Raphaelites in England.

I just found this article. I dropped acid at Betty and Jirayl’s abode in 65 and 66 when it was still legal. Thomas Hart Benton, who was Pollack’s teacher, was a big influence on Jirayl.

I have considered Spielberg doing a movie about the Bohemians and Pre-Raphaelites. Military men surrounding the Emperor of Japan sent Japanese poets to live in the ‘Hights’ with Joaquin Miller as his disciples. because they believed poetry was a doorway to the soul, and, they wanted to know who we Californians – really were – in case of war.

Any large SF redevelopment would want to be multi-cultural, and appeal Japanese citizens. But, when you are demonizing hippies in some weird-ass faux rock record in 2007, you can’t give more proof of how barbaric you are.

John Presco




During the early 1950s, Betty Williams had befriended the then budding author of Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard. In a letter Jirayr had written to his key model, Jennifer Fabos during the 90s, he described his encounter with L. Ron Hubbard, whom Betty had asked to visit the ranch to convince Jirayr not to show the piece. However, according to Fabos, once Hubbard saw the piece, “he stood in front of it for an hour, just staring at the painting. And then, when he finally spoke, after studying it for so long, he turned and told Jirayr that he didn’t need any type of counseling. That he had saved himself thousands of dollars in psychoanalysis. It’s true. If you come up close, you could see all the stuff he put into it telling of his great suffering and agony.” The last time the painting had been exhibited was in 1955 at the 15th Annual Society for Contemporary American Art group show along with artists such as Jackson Pollock at The Art Institute of Chicago. The piece was then titled, Sahren, which in Armenian translates to “of the mountain.” After the closing of the show, the piece was returned to Jirayr Zorthian and remained in the shipping crate ever since. The crate still has the original shipping and exhibit tags from 1955.


Benton, Wright, Zorthian, Miller, Eishagaka, and Stackpole

Rose City Planners

On this day, August 30, 2018, I found, Rose City Planners, a International Company that will pull together the best team of City Planners – possible! During the Great Depression many artists were funded by the WPA to produce civic works of art. Today, our cities have been forever enriched by the work of these magnificent artists who were not out to become famous. They gave way more that they received. Their historic contributions can be added on to, if their common philosophy is understood – and harnessed!  These men considered themselves Bohemians.

Many city planners and city governments understand that We The People want our downtowns to have a Bohemian flavor and look. This is the recipe that attracts people. Unfortunately, many city governments are hiring outsiders, Bohemian pretenders, who put the Capitalist Quick Buck Masters at the top, and the artist down at the bottom next to Vegetable Stands. These frauds keep saying they are protecting our city history and founding fathers, but – they lie! When my company gets off the ground we will do a through research to see how much history, and Bohemian Culture was bulldozed into the ground. Much can still be saved – if you know how!

Rose City Planners will reach out to foreign cities, and establish a Cultural Exchange. I am looking for Japanese Investors, and backers for ‘The Royal Janitor’. I founded ‘The Wandering Star Studios. I am poised to take over the work of J.R. Tolkien, also. I will relocate my company to Portland Oregon.

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    Yesterday I was preparing to post on Emma Hill, when my nephew Shamus Dundon called and told me my sister died ten days ago. He informed me he would look for the autobiography my late sister Christine Rosamond Benton, wroter, that Vicki showed me, and if he finds it, he will give it to Christine’s daughters, preferably, Drew Benton. We are talking about the autifbiogrpahy of the most successful woman artist in history. I had asked Shannon Rosamond Benton to see if she saw her mother’s story lying about , three months ago.

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