Rima and Sheena

I awoke last night from a dream where Rena and I were homeless again. I realized we had lived in a enlightened state that caused us both to start glowing. We lived in a tent in the forest for fifty days. I got up and looked in the mirror. My face and beard was glowing. My blue eyes were like crytstals.

I went and turned on my T.V. and beheld two blond news-spell casters for the pure Aryan Christian-right. They had eyes like doll eyes. They were praising their fearless leader’s failed attempt to sign peace treaty with insane Nuclerar Terrorist. A chart was produced that showed how much time CNN spent covering the Fake Hearing. No image of the Naughty Check given to Cohen for silencing a Porn Star, was shown. One blue-eyed crystal being of the Pre-Rapture, looked to be seventeen years of age. She was very hard on the Democrats who couldn’t wait for The Trumpeter to fail.

“There will be much gleeful celebrating in Pelosiville tonight!”

I blinked my eyes because I saw Barbie and Tinkerbelle. My autistic friend would come over and watch her innocuous cartoon movies. There are pastel color patterns floating about. I am reminded of  North Korean propaganda flicks. My post this morning was going to titled……’Hard Attack of the Blue Crystal-eyed Sheenas’. Then I found the movie ‘Green Mansions’ starring Audrey Hepburn and Tony Perkins, and my mind was – FRIED!


Then I found the movie ‘Sheena’ who looks like a young Mega-Meg. Is this the inspiration for the movie Black Panther?

“You’re trippen, Jon. Calm down!” my inner vloice said. Then I heard this;

“You’re on BLACID.”

“What is Blacid?”

“Its the new pure-blue Aryan drug invented by the evangelical magicians who work for Fox News! Remember the liquid blue acid you took in 1966?”

“Oh! That! Can we go directly to Nirvana? Do I got to go through Pixie Hollow?”

Seer Jon


Before Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman were even nominated as candidates in the California governor’s race, Republican and Democratic groups began gearing up attacks on each of them. The Republican Governors Association created a site cleverly named “whatsbrowndone” and California Democrats labeled billionaire former eBay CEO Whitman, who has poured over $100 million of her own money into the race, as someone who was essentially trying to “Buy It Now,” a phrase popularized by the company Whitman led as it morphed into a global juggernaut and one of the most successful stories of the dot com era. These themes turned out to be prescient.

EXTRA! I posted this, then turned on the news. Secular Propaganda is a beast in itself. This is Religious Propaganda being cranked out by the Foxy Christlings at Pixie Hollow. Trump is LYING to his evangelical base who put him and most Republicans in office. The Mark Meadows clash – has blown up! Evangelicals have taken over the consciousness of our Democracy. This is what you get.


“Meadows has emphasized his Christian values — campaign materials describe him as a “Christian conservative businessman” — and he sits on the Foreign Affairs subcommittee on human rights. (That panel and the China commission are chaired by another devout Christian Republican, New Jersey’s Christopher H. Smith.) Meadows has called China’s human rights record “abysmal,” despite that country’s economic gains. “We need to make sure that we hold them accountable,” he said at a 2013 hearing. Meadows wants more clarity regarding the United Nations role in international disputes. The vacuum created by U.N. inaction has led to “mission creep” for the United States, he said. When news broke that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against rebel groups, most of the international focus was on a possible U.S. military response. “I felt like it was the U.N.’s credibility that is on the line,” Meadows said. If it is truly an international norm that was violated with chemical weapons … it’s up to that body to make sure that that’s addressed.”


The Washington Post put together the video above, where we can hear Meadows saying about President Barack Obama (while he was in office), “We don’t have to worry about it. We’ll send him back home to Kenya, or where it is. We’ll send him back home.” And, in another location on a different day, “2012 is the time we are going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is.”

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rima rima

Rima, also known as Rima the Jungle Girl, is the fictional heroine of W. H. Hudson’s 1904 novel Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest. In it, Rima, a primitive girl of the shrinking rain forest of South America, meets Abel, a political fugitive. A movie of Green Mansions was made in 1959 starring Audrey Hepburn. In 1974, the character was adapted into the comic book Rima the Jungle Girl, published by DC Comics. Though Rima the Jungle Girl ceased publication in 1975, the comic book version of Rima appeared in several episodes of Hanna-Barbera’s popular Saturday morning cartoon series, The All-New Superfriends Hour, between 1977 and 1980.


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