Fremont Republic Battles the Pope in Mexico

I am out to win swing-voters in the Republican party. This, and the following two posts, were written on March 25, 2012. No one has a clue what I am seeing. Today, THE TRUTH sails over the horizon. Nuns have been raped by priests. Franklin Graham has become the Protestant Pope who comes to see Dumb Donald in the Oval Room wearing a robe and swinging incense. Everyone who gets a whiff of this holy smoke, freaks out and turns on everyone around them. Whitaker was on holy crack yesterday.


“…Abbe Seiyes urged Napoleon to marry Josephine Beauhamais because she was a Merovingian descendant, and to adopt her two children by a previous marriage who were of this anciently royal stock.” In 1798 “on the way to Egypt, Bonaparte detoured to capture Malta and the treasure held by the Knights of Malta.”

Jessie Benton is praised.

“She has both the versatility and adaptiveness that are characteristic of the genuine American woman, and which have enabled her to make almost as many friends in foreign lands as she has throughout her own country. The Count de la Garde, a cousin of Eugene and Hortense Beauharnais, whom she knew in Paris, and who left her at his death a valuable collection of souvenirs of the Bonaparte family, said of her that she was the only American woman he had ever known. He had known others of her countrywomen, but they were but imitations of English or French women, while in her he felt the originality and individuality of another people.”

Rosamond Press

The Pope spoke in Mexico today at a monument that was erected after Freemasons tried to get rid of the Catholic Church that was sustained by the Habsburg ruler who descends from Jeanne de Rougemont who descends from Bereswithe, the granddaughter of Dagobert, the Merovingian King. I am kin to the Habsburgs and the Fremonts. There is a covert war raging for the souls of Freedom Loving Americans. This is the real Opis Dai.

“”It is very likely that the Jessie Scouts assisted in the delivery
of funds from Sheridan’s headquarters to Juarez in what Sheridan
described as a “covert program” of supporting the Mexican liberals
against Maxmilian’s army.”

California was declared a Republic in Sonoma where my daughter, Heather Hanson, and my grandson, Tyler Hunt, was born. Bill Cornwell convinced my daughter to throw away her heritage, and adopt his Tea Party ways – that sees most Mexicans as…

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