Freemasons Battle Warriors For Christ

I saw The Wall coming. It is a ruse of the Evangelical Confederate Army.

Rosamond Press

Pope Benedict is preparing his attack on American Democracy by claiming Liberals are at War with Religion. This may have been the case when France and Habsburgs, Catholic Nations, formed an alliance with England in Mexico, and threatened to come to the aid of the Confederacy – and bring in boat loads of Irish Catholics to take back Mexico from Fremont’s Masonic Republic that had captured California and Ariazona. The Freemasons of Mexico were heavy handed in dealing with the treachery of the Pope in Rome who had long titled the Habsburgs ‘King of the Romans’ so that they would put armies in the field to defend the Papacy.

What we are seeing is a complete takeover of the Republican Party by the Christian-colalition who has plans to rule America in the name of the Giant Jesus atop the mount – and Genral Lee!

The South has risen, and is…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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