Rose Weavers of Kobane

Yesterday a Senator expressed deep concern that Turkey will slaughter the Kurds when we pull out of Syria. This has much to do with the lawfirm that mishandled the creative legacy of Rosamond. Of course it does. Put the plight of the Kurds on the Presco Plate. We can handle it!

Rosamond Press

Here is my prophetic post made March 6, 2015. I did not know Henry Buck had an office in Eugene Oregon. The money Henry made cutting down our trees, gave birth to all the Buck Foundations. Rubar Sandi became a member of the board of directors of the Buck Institute two years ago. I was a member of several Kurdish facebook group were I contributed my religious-atheist knowledge in forming a Kurdish State. In my book, you can take God-Allah, or leave Him. Most religion is obtuse history about THE PROPHETS. It stands to reason if we are living in THE AGE OF THE PROPHET, then it is not just a history lesson.

I have been into play-acting since I can remember. I am a Magical Being. Prophets are playful. Sometimes we are deadly serious. Above is a photo of me with the cremated remains of my homeless friend I…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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