She used to be my Muse

Posted Jan. 2014. Are these two of the posts that Alley Valkyrie labeled sick? Did I foreee the coming of Melania Trump?

Rosamond Press



Mark 1950 Tex RitterThe train pulls into the station. Outsteps the most stunning and half naked savage woman this town has ever seen. She offers her hand to The Stranger in the here parts, and out onto the platform, step the most deranged human being you ever lay your eyes on.

Folks rush home and start packing their buggies and wagons in order to get out of town before the shit hits the fan, because they assume correctly that this Devil Woman was once engaged to the sheriff, but, she broke off the engagement so cruelly that the poor man can not face the fact…..she is not his Muse, not his Wife, but his Sworn Enemy, because, the day before the wedding, he opened a door, and beheld her in her true form. The sheriff suffers from PTSD and every day at high noon he makes out his will and lets a drunk…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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