Jesus is not Anti-Gay & Pro-Putin

Posted in Feb. 2014

Since 2010, WCF has helped host at least five major gatherings in Russia where American evangelicals put their views before Russian audiences. At a 2011 demographic summit in Moscow, the event’s loaded two-day schedule of panels and speeches included just one 10-minute slot without an American presenter.
Two Orthodox billionaires are footing many of the WCF’s bills: Vladimir Yakunin, the president of the Russian railways, and investor Konstantin Malofeev.

Rosamond Press



Street preacher in Kampala, Uganda (Photo Credit: Derek Wiesehahn)


The Evangelical Red State Devils have backed Putin’s anti-gay agenda, as well as that of Uganda. These neo-Confederate Traitors are behind the bill in Arizona. Putin has amassed an army on the border of the Ukraine. For fifty years evangelical prophets and ministers have warned us the anti-Christ will come out of Russia. For twenty-six years I have warned the anti-Christ will come out of the evangelical cult founded in 1840 by John Darby.

Jesus is not on their side! There are good evangelicals in the world that best distance themselves from the Redneck Menace!

Jon the Nazarite

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, under mounting pressure to veto a bill described by critics as a license to discriminate against gays in the name of religion, was due to meet with political groups on both sides of the issue on Wednesday as she weighs a decision.

Brewer, a Republican, has yet to…

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