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“I was thinking us being next to a school would actually be just as good as anybody else being next to a school, probably better because we could give them some positive influence toward a primitivistic, anarchic communist lifestyle,” Peter Grotticelli said.

I am now going to try to sell aspects of this blog, Royal Rosamond Press, to HBO, Netflix, or Showtime, with a percentage going to help the Homeless. Therefore, I have fair use to all un-copyrighted material put on the internet by members of SLEEPS and OCCUPY who have welcomed the input of several attorneys in order to help the homeless, and, help them help the homeless.

I have a established track record of helping the homeless; therefore, any attempt to hurt me and my newspaper-blog, is not acting in good faith, and may legally undo all legal gains, and open the attackers up for a lawsuit. According to Ms. Stacey and Broadhurst, a mere desire to help the homeless, gives you Special Rights. However, there may be a problem. Mary Broadhurst won several cases in the name of OCCUPY that is not a entity. It was designed with no leaders or set goals. There is no evidence the Homeless were members of OCCUPY. I could make the case that some homeless and leaderless folks would give the Nazi salute and lead Jews to the shower room, for;

  1. A Cigarette
  2. A Beer
  3. And a hotdog

Also, these Leaders have ruled out all capitalist means to help the homeless, for the sake of petty and selfish personal ideologies. The homeless, the hungry, and the poor, will take it anyway they can get it. This Commie approach has hindered, and not helped – one homeless person. I took the liberty to liberate material for my reality-sitcom from Stacey’s and Peter’s facebook. For the cause!

I found this gem which backs up everything I have been saying in my last posts. Poor Liz just wants a Garden Buddy…………..from heaven?

ELizabeth Smith I need a garden partner here. Please pray for me to meet that special person soon. Missing the opportunities to grow potatoes and kale. 😦 But not finding drug free and alcohol free friends to fellowship with. And not interested in addiction and codependent relationships. Looking for a healthier way of living with people. ❤

Wow! There it is, the pilot for ‘I Married A Billionaire’. Unfortunately, his is a totally dysfunctional Earth Wiccan – who hates money! Buddy Scaramouche inherits his father’s chain of Pizza parlors. He gets engaged to the first woman that gives him head. This alarms Buddy’s Nanny, whose grandmother was a Russian Plant and full blown Commie. Behind his father’s back, Niki Smith, gives little Buddy lessons on Marx. She is like Rasputin, a real Svengali. When Buddy finally ties the knot, Niki has the bride and groom out in the garden planting beans. They harvest some Kale. This is their honeymoon.

When Alleybelle’s mother hears her daughter spent two days down on her knees planting potatoes, she packs her bags. There is a knock on the giant door of the Scaramouche Manor.

“You two are coming with me! My daughter deserve a real honeymoon!”

When I read Peter’s response to the homeless dude exposing himself near the school, I realized I was sitting on a gold mine. You can’t make this shit up. It’s sitting there, on the ground, for the taking!

Get ready you homeless scallywags! Here comes your first Payday thanks to the Capitalist system and way of life!  About time!

John Presco

Copyright 2018

August 14 ·

Peter and me working the taters in one of his yard gardens outside Huntsville Alabama..he and Rainbow have a lot of gardens in progress. — with Peter Grotticelli.

EUGENE, Ore. – The news caught Siva McMullin by surprise.

“My husband was like, ‘Oh yeah there’s a new homeless camp in town,’ ” she said, “and I was like cool, did you see it on the news? And he was like no, it’s right on our block.”

On Tuesday, campers pitched tents and settled into the South Eugene area, a stone’s throw from Cesar Chavez Elementary School.

“You know what, this is not appropriate right here,” McMullin said.

And with children living and walking through the area, McMullin finds some of the behavior from people associated with the camp inapropriate – including a man with his genitalia out.

“Yes there was a man holding his junk just trying to urinate on this pole or in someone’s bushes,” McMullin said.

But some of the campers said they don’t consider themselves to be a danger to kids.

“I was thinking us being next to a school would actually be just as good as anybody else being next to a school, probably better because we could give them some positive influence toward a primitivistic, anarchic communist lifestyle,” Peter Grotticelli said.

Others said they don’t have a lot of options.

“There’s not a lot of places where the homeless can go,” camper Leslie Robnette said.

McMullin said she sympathizes with the homeless. She said she used to be homeless herself.

“I have been homeless, so I have empathy,” she said, “but I don’t want them sleeping at my – on my block, because that’s actually where children play.”

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