Here is one of the most vile and evil examples of Propaganda ever applied to the History of Arts. Jean Stacey, Alley Valkyrie, and John Monroe, created a straw dog in order to take over OCCUPY, and THE ARTS! They pretend this is about the homeless. They use the homeless and a law that was made FOR citizens who are being driven out of the downtown by rude and aggressive homeless addicts. and beggar drunks.

When Belle Burch showed them this blog, they knew they could be caught and exposed – as frauds! I am the real deal. I own real art and Bohemian history. When they read the poem I wrote about Belle, three hours after I met her, they choked. They had to contain me, and silence me. These parasites had to find a way to ATTACHE my real Art History to their cause. They had Belle call me. They waited on pins and needles to see how our two hour meeting at the Wandering Goat, went. Belle was told not to tell me she was a member of SLEEPS as are the people in this video. SLEEPS has broken away from OCCUPY. They have their own agenda. What is it? You are looking at it.

Note how Attorney Stacey weaves the homeless crisis into her bullshit story. Like a leech, she attaches this problem to the one Real Bohemians have suffered for a thousand years. This is why Belle perks up when I say;

“My newspaper is about protecting the arts, and the Bohemians!”

“We can talk!”

Ricia Brown is not FOOLED! Her comment is spot on! Jean Stacey read my remarks about Belle. I own a forum. This un-gifted attorney knew I could spoil her evil work, and break her evil spell! She sent her Flying Monkey after me………….Alley Valkyrie!

When we met in our get-to-know-you, I showed Belle Burch a pic of Hollis and my adoption paper. I was surprised she had no comment. I wondered if she saw this on this blog. Now I realize THEY KNEW, I was THE REAL DEAL! I owned all the Certificates of Authenticity. I owned more then a foot in the door. My motives were PURE! I had no reason to exploit the homeless and poor like they did. These Witches wanted to takeover Eugene’s Art Scene, and hold it hostage. They wanted funding! They wanted money! They wanted housing! They wanted power! They wanted the Mayor and the City Council – TO KISS THEIR ASS! Jean Stacey used the laws of this land to create – FAKE VICTIMS!

I refused to back down, and quit MY FIGHT, the one I have been fighting most of my life. These Devils preach FREE SPEACH, say it is their reason to EXIST, but, they deny it to me! This fucking bitch thought I would do as THEY SAY, and remove all mention of them in this blog.

You are BIG MOTHER! You turned our downtown into a scene from 1984. You are The Puppet Master, but, I got you and your Fake Art Gang – under my Copyright! You are Art Fraud! You will go down – in real art history!

This Old Man! This Old Wizard! Saved our Downtown Art Scene! The City of Eugene should sue your ass off! Real citizens with homes, wanted their city government to take back the downtown from harassing parasites that attacked them, like I was attacked. There was a real conspiracy to deprive me of my Civil Rights.

I insist Councilperson Emily Semple divulge in writing all her contact and hidden agendas with Jean Stacey. The City should contact the IRS.

John Presco

Copyright 2018

I think you misunderstood her. she said those were things that would happen if you were excluded by this breaking this law which is the law that they are challenging …the law discrimantes against many of our less fortunate citizens.
Ricia Brown
The person in the vid gave 3 reasons against the law.
1. You can’t come downtown…
I come downtown all of the time to meet my husband or, my friends for lunch. Or to do business on the mall
2.You can’t see your friends.
Well I see my friends downtown, at my house,having coffee/lunch with them, or just hanging with their family any where……Why downtown?
3.You can’t do any thing if you don’t file in advance.
Huh? Well as you  can see I do a lot down town with out filing for anything.
Jean A. Stacey

Must write by early Monday!

Lane County Commission to vote Tues am to approve curfew on butterfly lot in order to deny homeless the right to sleep on public land AND in order to deny EVERYONE their 1st Amendment rights.

Write them and county administrator all at one address to oppose or write your own commissioner.

To write all:



Vickie Mindel Nelson and 6 others


Another faux straw dog tactic aimed at taking over the Arts of Eugene. I will do all I can to get you disbarred. Stop using the homeless – like a battering ram. Why don’t you pass a law to admit bums members of the Bar, just because they are homeless? https://rosamondpress.com/2018/12/15/occupy-attacks-real-art-scene/
Greg Presco The jig is up! You are guilty of conspiracy – too! Leave the Arts and the Homeless alone. Work on opening the Bar to everyone who wants to be a member and hang with Sharks like you. Were you born with any artistic gifts? Have you ever been homeless? You are A FAKE! Mind your own business – BIG MOTHER! https://rosamondpress.com/…/conspiracy-of…/


August 14 ·

Peter and me working the taters in one of his yard gardens outside Huntsville Alabama..he and Rainbow have a lot of gardens in progress.with Peter Grotticelli.

Terri O’Hare You and a shovel. That could win a revolution!

Peter Grotticelli

Developing a non-monetary economy without factories to start with can be daunting, until we zoom in and see the factories within the DNA of plants.

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ELizabeth Smith

ELizabeth Smith I need a garden partner here. Please pray for me to meet that special person soon. Missing the opportunities to grow potatoes and kale. 😦 But not finding drug free and alcohol free friends to fellowship with. And not interested in addiction and codependent relationships. Looking for a healthier way of living with people.



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    Vile Creatues of darkness passing for Artists of Light! I busted their ass, and they came after me with threats and defamation of character.

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