Conspiracy of Councilperson Emily Semple

The President of the United States is being accused of CONSPIRACY. On this day, December 14, 2018, I accuse Councilperson, Emily Semple, of CONSPIRACY. In the photograph above, Emily Semple is wearing a t-shirt that advertises her, and the  intentions of her co-conspirators.

“We’re not leaving!”

If Emily and her Gang had put up a banner in Kesey Square the day I ran into them, that SAID who they were, I would have been on my guard.

“We are not artists! We are the Whoville Mob, and we are here to extract money from the Art Goers who have homes – and money! So – Beware!”

Note Jean Stacey looking over my shoulder as I talked to Belle Burch. Is it any of her business what we are saying? Well, apparently it is. And, look, over there in the corner. Is that the future Councilperson, Emily Semple? I insist on knowing what she is thinking as she checks me out. What do these women want from me? This is not normal. Is this a Us vs. Them Covert Activity? Why don’t I get to know what is going on? I suffer from PTSD. That look from Jean, freaks me out. It speaks volumes. She is a total stranger.

What I really hate, is the guitar they put in the lap of a statue of Ken Kesey. This dead man is being used to give a false message to Citizens With Homes and Money. Ken has put his seal of approval on the gathering of members of OCCUPY and SLEEPS. So, come closer and mingle with the Whoville Mob who are fiercely loyal to one another.

“We are an extended family. If you were one of us, you’d be filled in on what’s going down! But, because you have a home, you can’t be trusted. This is why we have to trick you and deceive you. If you cross us, we will go after you! So, you better do as we say. We don’t have to follow the rules and laws you follow. We are special people. We are victims!”

“Gee! No thanks! Doesn’t sound like my cup of tea! Got to go! I hear my Mommy calling!”

My childhood friend Nancy, was at my graduation from Serenity Lane. She got me on ‘Further’ with Ken in the Eugene Celebration Parade. Ken wanted what I had. Nancy gave the Kesey family her grandmother’s recipe for yogurt. She was the first girl I kissed.

On 2014, Ms. Semple conspired to commit an act of TRESPASS by invading the The City Manager’s Office of Jon Riuz. Here is a video of Ms. Semple conspiring with attorney Jean Stacey and Alley Valkyrie. All three women associate themselves with SLEEPS and OCCUPY. I attended the second meeting of OCCUPY Eugene, and objected to the Homeless being used as a battering ram. I suggested the occupation of the old Post Office, that was up for sale. Inside were famous murals on the wall.

My late sister was the world famous artist Christine Rosamond Benton. She married into the Benton family of famous muralists and politicians, who secured the Oregon Territory from the British. I looked at a letter written by Jessie Benton who authored her husband’s journals he penned as he blazed a trail to Oregon. John Fremont was a co-founder of the Repulbican Party. John was the first to free slaves. His wives letter guaranteed British Reprensenatives in Canada, that her father, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, was anti-slavery. Taking her word, the British sold the Orogen Terriutory back to Americans. Benton was John Astor’s attorney, and brokered the sale to Britian at the outbreak of the War of 1812. There was no army in Oregon to fight for the land this City Council, and the homeless they champion, sit, and go to sleep upon.

On 2014, the oppression of my families history, began in ernest, after I stumbled upon another conspiracy that Councilperson Emily Semple is fully aware of. I insist she fill the Citizens of Eugene, in about what members of Whoville were doing in Ken Kesey Square. I want this history for my biography, and, the People of Oregon, deserve this history, because, OCCUPY built Whoville, and, the people who ran it have cost the taxpayer about a half million dollars.

The People have been bankrolling a Covert Political Group and their secret agenda. A couple of years ago I declared myself the Leader of OCCUPY who said they don’t have leaders. Now they did. A year later, Emily Semple is elected to the Eugene City Council. I was not able to campaign against her due to THE TERRORIIST THREATS of Alley Valkyrie who was with Ms. Semple in John Riuz’s office, and would have been arrested, if there was enough room at the jail. Emily wanted to be arrested. These women were on the board of Nightingale Service around the same time. This history should be put in the Public Domain. I am willing to sit down with Emily and film her answers to the many question – I deserve to know the answers to!

I had been homeless in 1996 and was helped by SHIPS and Shelter Care located on Highway 99. I am a success story. I know how delicate and complex the homeless situation was, and still is. Looking around at the second meeting, I saw Eugene Radicals that did not have a clue how to handle – one homeless person! Five years later, I am reading the opinions of – the same old faces! Was Ms. Semple ever homeless? As a member of AA, I know an alcoholic can help another alcoholic – because they know! I have thirty years of sobriety. I knew many homeless people suffer from alcoholism when they were herded around the fountain that was the epicenter of the very successful Saturday Market.

  1. I would like to know why members of the Whoville Gang, chose the First Friday Art Walk to hold a clandestine event – four days after they were arrested for TRESPASS?
  2. Did any Judge give Judicial instructions to any member of SLEEPS-OCCUPY, and their Attorney, Jean Stacey, who was also arrested? Was the Gang told not to congregate?
  3. Did Councilperson Emily Semple see Belle Burch approach other Citizen Art Goers?
  4. Did Ms. Semple see any monies or checks change hands?
  5. Did Ms. Semple believe the main reason she and her Gang were there, was to beg for money?
  6. As a active member of OCCUPY did Ms. Semple collect any money – ever?
  7. Did Ms. Semple declare these monies following the guidelines set forth by OCCUPY?
  8. Did Ms. Semple read my blog before Ms. Burch called me to make an appointment?
  9. Did Ms. Semple know Alley Valkyrie was going to send me a vicious threat?
  10. If so, did Emily believe I would remove from my newspaper all mention of Belle, and her Gang, and, that would be that?
  11. On what date did Ms. Semple read Alley’s threat, and her fake abuser report?
  12. Was Councilperson Semple afraid THIS REAL HISTORY would become public knowlege while she ran for the office of City Council?
  13. If Semple had knowledge of Ms. Valkyrie’s accusations, why didn’t she make a police report? After all, she was there, in Ken Kesey Square, watching Belle and I having a splendid talk about Poetry and Art. We were doing what one is supposed to do on any Art Walk, in any town.
  14. Did Ms. Semple get a report of my social intercourse with Belle. If so, from whom?
  15. Does Ms, Semple know the real reason why Belle Burch called me after she asked me for my number?

I made a report to Interpol about Alley Valkyrie’s radical activities in France. Here is Ms. Valkyrie enjoying the teargas war the French Police are having with squatters. How much money do French Taxpayers spend on trying to control Anarchists?  The answers I seek are vital in recording the HISTORY OF A CITY BUDGET. The days of hiding behind The Homeless, and making them the Scapegoat – is over! Help me remove the Human Shield!


Before I continue, let me present a possible solution. Will a Buddy System work? Our sober birthday coins, say; “Unto they own self be true”. I will help compose a Twelve Step Program for the homeless that will help people end their homelessness, verses being true to the Sacred Whoville Disciples of Agony and Despair. In the next five days, you can have two people approach two homeless people who appear to be getting along, and ask them if they want to be Homeless Buddies. If the answer is yes – give them a place where they can be roomies, and, if necessary, they can go to a AA, or NA meeting. For being taken off the street they sign a agreement to not tell Their Family Mobsters. This is a Loyalty Check!

“Do you want to have a place to sleep, or, do you want to continue proving you are feircly loyal to those who want you to gather around them, and, support them?

I get SSI because I suffer from PTSD. I came from a abusive and criminal home. My father was convicted of Loan Sharking. My mother was arrested for making porno movies for Big Bone’s Remmer, the only Mafia on the West Coast. Her four children were going to be taken from her and put in a orphanage.

My art toured the world in a Red Cross Art show when I was a teenager. I taught my sister how to paint, and she took up art to get off Welfare. She was one of the highest paid artist in history. She drowned on her first sober birthday.

I survived a hit by the Mafia in Boston. They thought they kicked down what they thought was my door, killed the puppy inside, and smeared this  puppies blood all over the walls. They cam at me wit bloody knives. My neighbors saved me. I held that puppy, and wept. I owned an image of his fear when the door was kicked down. Hearing voices, he came out to find out what was going on………….and his tail was wagging.

This was a soul-wrenching experience, because I saw The Dark Light. I blamed my own Vanity for the death of this innocent being. I was an activist from the Bay Area. I tried to make things better. This is 1971. I took the Mafia to court for six months. They threatened me. If I had only taken those threats, more seriously, that puppy would not have suffered such a horrible death.

Khashoggi, had a clue. “I can’t breath!”

All is vanity. I now had to talk my neighbors out of getting guns and shooting it out with the City. They were black people who combined Islam with Christianity to form a new religion – that they swore would change the world.

“All is vanity!” Take some real responsibility for that before you act.

A year before I ran into Belle’s Bunch, I found my best friend dead. I and Hud-VASH found him a home after ten years of being homeless. We got him on SSI. Every other day he wanted to quit the process of applying. I told him he has to jump the hurdles, and do exactly what they say. Having survived in a manner very few of us will ever realize, he wanted to fall back on his Invented Survival Skills.

“Hollis. Those skills have to be abandonded. They don’t work. If you catch eugnoia again, you are going to die!”

I let Mr. H rage;

“The cops put lye under the bridge so when I crawled under to sleep I burned my hands.”

In his home, the real battle for his life began. It was winter time. H had all kinds of video games. But – he was bored silly. He had a list of allies, fellow Vets that would drop off bags of cans, just for him! They looked for him standing up against that Safeway Wall. He no longer needed the money. These were his buddies, his comrades in arms. They made that special connection. It made them feel good to help a fellow Vet. There were many special connections. He had money to feed the homeless kids, and adopted two autistic people, who became my friends. H was in survival mode. He didn’t need the money. I knew he suffered from PTSD. Canning was him. I found him in bed with a fan blowing on him. He couldn’t breath. The 911 opera had me feel for a pulse. He was cold. He could not get enough air. Two days earlier, he went and stood in front of Safeway for five hours. It was twenty degrees during the day. He caught pnemonia breathing in very cold air.

“You killed yourself. I warned you! We warned you!”

The next day he had his minister over, and, they went to his bank. Hollis had been hospitalized, twice. His doctor told him he could not be treated, again. He was addicted to cigarettes. I tried doing a 12 Step intervention, but, crawling out from under a bridge in order to collect cans to buy some smokes, was his reason – for surviving! There was a lot of fat around his heart due to the church basement food he ate. When the Army was going to put “Indigent” on H’s permanent record, I paid for the funeral. His autopsy said he died from “Homelessness” We could not find any next of kin, so I adopted Hollis.

To the credit of the Safeway in Springfield, they took in the table I put out where H stood. They put it behind Customer service for over a month, with this pic. H was loved by most of the workers. He cheered them up. He took an interest in their children and pets. Patrick of Gizmobites, and I held a memorial.

For a year after that, I isolated. I stopped helping people. I forced myself to go to the Friday Art Walk. When I saw the homeless people in Kesey Square, I caught myself avoiding them. I was walking by them. I stopped, and faced my fears. It was time to help someone again.

I demand to know what is going on in Jean’s Belle’s, and Emily’s mind as they checked me out. Being stalked like this is not good for my PTSD. But, what I really want to know, am I looking at another case of Dark Vanity. I suspect Emily and Stacey are thinking;

“Looks like Belle hooked another SUCKER! Boy, is she getting good at this!”

“The first and worst deceit, is when we deceive ourselves. All deceit is easy after that.”

“Unto thyself be true.”

Voting the Democratic ticket, I became a Republican a month after Obama first won the White House. So convinced was I, that the party founded by my kindred, was on the road to ruin, I declared myself the rightful Heir of this Abolitionist Party. Friends and Foes labeled me demented. How did I know? I know all there is to know, about ‘Dark Vanity’.

Wake up!

The Mafia bosses did not like people killing little puppies. It was all over town, and they conceded their case. Three of their attorneys and mine, met in a room outside the court. They put me to the final test.

“What would you do with our building if we sold it to you for a dollar?”

A month later, a woman asked me to save her friend. Dottie Witherspoon and I moved to California, because, I  did not feel safe. She wanted to buy a blue tic hound. I didn’t tell her about the puppy. It was a Lab. We bought Benjamin of the Forth of July. On that day it occurred to me I was now a Patriot. I believed in this Democracy. Dootie descends from John Knox, and Signer, John Witherspoon.

I demand to know from Councilperson Semple, what Belle Burch was doing in Ken Kesey Square when we met. This should be a very easy question to ask – and answer.

When Belle sent me her poem about living in a tent downtown – and barhopping – I had the guts to pen this to her;

“You better not be partying with monies people gave you for the homeless!”

How many members of SLEEPS and OCCUPY – hated my words? One of Alley’s friends suggested I be put in concrete shoes and dropped in the river.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

If the Trump hotel charged more than the going rate for the venues, it could violate tax law. The inaugural committee’s payments to the Trump Organization and Ivanka Trump’s role have not been previously reported or disclosed in public filings.

“The fact that the inaugural committee did business with the Trump Organization raises huge ethical questions about the potential for undue enrichment,” said Marcus Owens, the former head of the division of the Internal Revenue Service that oversees nonprofits.’s-inauguration-paid-trump’s-company-—-with-ivanka-in-the-middle/ar-BBQYe74?ocid=spartandhp


John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946

This man’s name is John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946. He lives in Springfield, Oregon.

He frequents Eugene, especially the Whiteaker neighborhood, and regularly shows up at activist events. He is a stalker, a harasser, and an obsessed delusional sicko. He targeted a friend of mine and has been writing about her obsessively, and when I confronted him about his behavior, he decided to target me as well.

If you need a concrete example of his behavior and why I am posting this, his delusional writings can be found at

If you see him in your neighborhood, on the street, or anywhere, call him out. Expose him. Make it known that you will not accept and tolerate someone who harasses and obsesses over young women in our community. This man is a very sick individual. Anyone who deliberately makes women feel unsafe should not be tolerated in this or any community.


a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
“a conspiracy to destroy the government”
synonyms: plot, scheme, plan, machination, ploy, trick, ruse, subterfuge;

“a conspiracy to manipulate the results”
  • the action of plotting or conspiring.
    “they were cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”
    synonyms: plotting, collusion, intrigue, connivance, machination, collaboration;

    “conspiracy to commit murder”

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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