Godzilla Meets With Great Minds

Last night Marilyn Reed stopped by for an hour and we had a great cosmic Jazz and Literature session. I looked at my camera several times and thought of filming a quick historic meeting. Marilyn gave an exquisite account and lecture about the perils of polarity. It needs to be recorded.

I then told her about my idea for Vineland. I told her many famous writers have made a stab at button-holing the elusive Thomas Pynchon.

“There is a mountain of convoluted articles, but, when it comes down to it, Tom and I loved the same woman”


In which I read Playboy for the Thomas Pynchon article

Marilyn laughed. I told her Pynchon was into Jazz, and Godzilla. So was David Seidler, who wrote ‘The King’s Speech’. We talked about The Godzilla Run I came up with for the new Eugene Celebration that tried to replaced the Kesey family operated event, and, failed. It also caused the riff between M and I, and the Inspirtational Sounds Gospel Choir when I suggested to the founder they take over this event.

After Mary Ann and I got married, Tim O’Connor and Peter Shapiro came to town and threw us a party-reception. Here is Marilyn’s husband.

Marilyn brought a new camera with her, but we did not have time to look at it. She needed instructions. We talked about me filming again. M had brought three books with her. We managed to fit them into our session. M showed me her knitting and I showed her my yarn and needles I bought a week ago. She was going to give me a quick lesson. I then showed her the ‘Interview’ magazine I opened an hour before she arrived.

“I think I found the actress to play Victoria Bond.”

Marilyn then talks about ‘Wind Sand and Stars’ by Saint-Exupery. This triggers the story that came to me when I awoke from my old man nap. It was inspired by the French aviation jacket that M is going to give her nephew. On the way to choir practice, M calls and tells me about Hemingway’s stolen manuscripts. I text her later and mention Robert Anton Wison and his Net of Coincidence, because, I had google Foy, and discovered she played a young girl in The Happy Prince!

Are you adding it up? Are you keeping score?

Pynchon delves into the Star Trek T.V. Series. M was a good friend of Maggie Thrett who acted in a Star Trek episode. She made clothes for Maggie. At our wedding Mary Ann Tharaldsen wore M’s Train Dress. So did Christine. I just found out Maggie was in a motorcycle accident with Gram Parsons. Mary Ann was a good friend of Mimi and Richard Farina who died in a motorcycle accident. This is the Cornell Convergence that came to dwell in Pynchon’s fictional sanctuary that I want to become a – real place!

Tim brought up Paul Fauerso last night. He has a background in Jazz. I goggled him. He played for the Maharishi. There were folks practicing TM at 13th. Street where I lived The Loading Zone – after my near-death experience. Play video Soupy and Tears and Heartaches at the same time. That is Paul on Hammond organ. Jake still wants me on his show. I found Meher Baba at the Zone Home. Hey, that’s catchy. Soupy Zone Home. I am going to ask Paul if he is a Pynchon Freak, and if he can do a album, Zone Home to Vineland.


Here is a pic of Marilyn (left) and Baby Jane Mansfield’s daughter, taken at the Renaissance Fair by Maggie Thrett. These beautiful women, turned heads.

A week ago Marilyn told me her older sister would put lipstic on her and doll her upso she could get into LA’s great Jazz Clubs. Shauna was married to Les McCann’s drummer. M took me to meet Les in the Hollywood Hills when she was fifteen, and I, sixteen. This is the real La La Land. I told M that I want to bring her husband, Kenny Reed, and Jazz to Vineland. If you build the Vortex, they will come. The Third Lost Generation, is waiting in the wings. No need to play dumb-ass duality games. Go for it!

M’s sister and her husband, Carlos Moore, wrote the biography of Fela that was made into a musical. This is his son, Keema.

I just found George Newcom’s obituary. His room was next to mine on the ground floor, on the other side of the kitchen. I worked on large canvases, while he practiced his flamadiddles. Someone put a picture of Meher Baba on the wall, and I became a follower. The Loading Zone Played at the Fillmore with ‘The Who’.

Good, bad, beautiful, sad; black, white, dumb duality, we don’t have to play it so hard. It’s just the Godzilla Run! Can you dig it?


John Presco

Copyright 2018




In his autobiographical work Saint-Exupéry, an early pioneering aviator, evokes a series of events in his life, principally his work for the airmail carrier Aéropostale. He does so by recounting several episodes from his years flying treacherous mail routes across the African Sahara and the South American Andes. The book’s themes deal with friendship, death, heroism, camaraderie and solidarity among colleagues, humanity and the search for meaning in life. The book illustrates the author’s view of the world and his opinions of what makes life worth living.

David Seidler is one of the most famous writers on the planet. He spent his early days writing for dozens of television programs and movies and was commissioned to write the English dubbing dialogue for Godzilla movies. It was Seidler’s experience with a stammer that changed his professional life, though.

Throughout the novel, Pynchon’s technique is recognizable. From a cameo of Mucho Maas (from The Crying of Lot 49) to a bizarre episode hinting at Godzilla, Pynchon’s “zaniness” pervades the novel. For example, Pynchon laces the book with Star Trek references. He has his characters watch a sitcom named Say, Jim, about a starship all of whose officers “were black except for the Communications Officer, a freckled white redhead named Lieutenant O’Hara.” The numerous references to films rigorously include the year of release in a manner unusual for a work of fiction. Several characters are Thanatoids, victims of a particular karmic imbalance.

In addition, the novel is replete with female ninjas, astrologers, marijuana smokers, television addicts, musical interludes (including the theme song of The Smurfs) and metaphors drawn from Star Trek.

The Crying of Lot 49 (1966)

Shall I project a world?

“This novel is a patriotic lamentation, an elaborate effort not to believe the worst about the Republic. Patriotism for an ideal of America explains the otherwise yawning gap in Pynchon’s comic shaping of his material. The Tristero System—it began in 1577 in Holland in opposition to the Thurn and Taxis Postal System and is active now in America trying to subvert the American postal system through an organization called W.A.S.T.E.—is a masterpiece of comic invention. It involves, among other things, one of the best parodies ever written of Jacobean drama, The Courier’s Tragedy, and a perhaps final parody of California right-wing organizations, Peter Pequid Society, named for the commanding officer of the Confederate man-of-war ‘Disgruntled’ and opposed to industrial capitalism on the grounds that it has led inevitably to Marxism. Its leader, Mike Fallopian, speculates in California real estate.




The British literature scholar Cedric Watts once wrote: “One test of literary merit is fecundity, the ability to generate offspring” (xix). More than many other novelists, Pynchon’s work has generated not only literary but also musical offspring: songs, bands, entire albums inspired by Pynchon’s themes and novels.

THARALDSEN, MARY ANN married a groom named DAVID SEIDLER in the year 1961 on license number 4200 issued in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Special thanks to RECLAIM THE RECORDS. Now you may also check Archives for MARY ANN THARALDSEN.







The band members told Essex that Pynchon, wearing a Godzilla T-shirt, had approached them after a concert at a Cincinnati laundromat-cum-rock club; that he didn’t reveal his identity until months later, when he spotted a copy of his short-story collection lying around backstage; and that he always paid his restaurant bills in cash.

It was a great story. It was also mostly untrue. When asked about the article last week, Lotion’s lead singer, Tony Zajkowski, now a graphic designer at Wired, blurted out, “Oh, God, you got the big bullshit story!” Shortly afterward, the bassist Bill Ferguson, who now works on the Times Magazine copy desk, admitted that they had fed reporters at various outlets an account designed to be “as Pynchonesque as possible.” The bandmates had repeated their story to a New Yorker fact checker, who did his best to confirm details. Pynchon, then as now, was unreachable, and when the story came out he raised no public objections.






Originally a five-piece blues band influenced by all the old masters and British contemporaries like  thhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2N5kLs248Ye Stones, The Loading Zone addw



.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2N5kLs248Yerful female lead sin

The Godzilla Run


THE BIG bad boy is back!

Yes, that’s right true believers, the King of the Monsters returns to the silver screen to again trample Tokyo into dust in “Godzilla Resurgence.”

Read more: http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/103768/godzilla-resurgence-the-king-of-monsters-return#ixzz4J7GjnvFu

“Alley Valkyrie

May 9 near Portland, OR

Well, I just picked a fight with quite the unstable psychopath. May not have been the most sensible thing to do, but it should definitely get interesting…

I am now going to author a book, with a movie in mind titled………..


It’s about a small town that listens to a Mad Man who suggests they stage a Godzilla Run to boost the Arts and General Culture of a very hip town in Oregon, named Aliceland after Lewis Carrol who camped on the town site with The Poet of the Sierras, Joaquin Miller. They had met at the home of Dante Gabriel Rossette, the Pre-Raphaelite.

My Godzilla Run takes place in Alton Baker Park. We purchase a giant float of Godzilla, and place giant speakers along the run. When the wee people hear his roar, and see him coming above the trees, they start running for their lives – with glee! I found the top photo in the news this morning. This image is perfect! This Visionary thanks you – Great Muse!


George Miller platted Aliceland, an experimental city that made its grand entry into the ‘City Beautiful Movement’. It was considered the most progressive city on the West Coast, until a board was formed to plan The Godzilla Run – event. To everyone’s surprise, Marilyn Reed, the president of the Little Old Lady Gospel Choir wielded most of the power in Aliceland, and, she was on a – MISSION FROM GOD – ZILLA!


What emerges, is Aliceland is a haven for bigoted racists of all color, who own really backward ideas, and, if anyone gets in their way, they are going to receive a death threat. The State of Oregon is shocked. These politically correct folks look like old hippies, young anarchists, and cool Jazz Men, but, in their heart they own much hatred for New Ideas especially when they are GREAT IDEAS.

“We only want small, puny ideas in our town! We want things to fail. That’s why we gave the Homeless Hoard of Whoville carte blanch to hold a faux Art-In at Ken Kesey Square, every Friday. That’ll keep out the real Artists – darn damn it!

You see, the alleged Bohemians of Aliceland have been waging  covert cultural warfare with one another for twenty-five years. There are only so many Music Gigs, and Art in the Park events – to go around. Aliceland has it Hatfields and McCoys. If you are not a member of an Extended Family, you are going to find yourself sitting on a pole outside city limits, all tar and feathered.  The real hip folks are quietly moving to Springtucky the neighboring town once famous for Redneck Loggers that are now gone.

“Please! Do not tell the others you are here! Can we buy you some empty canvases?”

Mad John finds himself on a collision course with Marilyn Reed, who found Jesus again, and is wanting to replicate the Religious Bliss she experienced when she was sixteen. Her mother took her to three Billy Graham meeting at the Los Aneles Coliseum – with her boyfriend, John. Mother and Daughter expected John to go down and be saved. After he excused himself to go to the bathroom, he never returned! When she called his home the next day, his sister told Marilyn John has joined the Peace Corp and is in the Land of Zulus helping them build a reservoir. Not believing a word Christine Rosamond said, she went to John’s house, and knocked. When the door opened, Rosemary thrust a bloody crucifix in Marilyns’ face, and hissed;

“This is a Catholic household. Go away – and stay away – you brazen Baptist hussy!”

John really did go to the Land of the Zulu to work for his uncle Vinnie who sold construction supplies. He dropped out of high school, but his uncle had a plan to get his nephew a honorary diploma, and, a scholarship to UCLA – as a anthropologist. Together they wrote reports on the Shembe Zulu Nazarites. They published;

‘Notes of a New Nazarite – Life Amongst Zulu Prophets’


Vincent Rice, and, John Presco

Paul Fauerso is a singer-songwriter who has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 1967 and is also a teacher of TM. Over the years, Paul has had the great good fortune to have personally worked with His Holiness, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on various projects, including the creation of many songs about TM and Maharishi’s knowledge. Paul has also professionally worked in the music industry for many years, including fronting a jazz-rock band in the ’60s, The Loading Zone, a popular Bay Area band who opened for many famous acts (The Who, Cream, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Chuck Berry, etc.) at the original Fillmore Auditorium. Paul has also written many award-winning TV and radio commercials, created film scores for HBO, and produced solo albums for Mike Love of the Beach Boys.




Thomas Pynchon Sat Here

This morning, I discovered Thomas Pynchon is/was a ‘Godzilla Freak’. I have contended my story ‘The Godzilla Run’ is writing itself. What is coming, is scary, right out of The Twilight Zone. “”Takeshi”
Pynchon is fond of transplanting characters from one novel to another. Takeshi Fumimoto is a perfect example. He made his first appearance as a bit player in Gravity’s Rainbow where he was one of a pair of wacky kamikaze pilots. His first name is almost surely borrowed from Takashi Shimura, the star of Godzilla — a film referenced in the very same sentence, when Zoyd plays the Godzilla theme music to accompany Takeshi’s first appearance. (Pynchon seems to have been thinking about this beast for some time: There’s a boat named Godzilla II in The Crying of Lot 49 — and the word is that he loves Japanese horror flicks. In fact, at one point rumor had it that he was writing a book with Mothra as a major character.) Godzilla is referenced several times in Pynchon’s 2009 novelInherent Vice.
To read why Thomas Pynchon likes Godzilla and other Badasses, there is no better source than his own essay Is it O.K. to be a Luddite?.

Hippybear: “Pynchon has been a guest voice on The Simpsons at least twice.”

Groening made this claim during an interview I did with him in 1989, six weeks before the first episode of the Simpsons aired. He didn’t say he knew Pynchon, only that he’d met him. Maybe they’re mates now. Who knows?

Ever since the appearance of Thomas Pynchon’s epic, mind-bending Gravity’s Rainbow (1973), rumors have circulated among the faithful that the elusive author was working on two new projects: a novel about Japanese monster movies and one dealing with the 18th century drawing of the Mason-Dixon line between the (then) colonies of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Fragments of a Godzilla-like episode indeed appeared in Pynchon’s Vineland (1990), and now here comes a real monster: Mason & Dixon 


Two weeks ago, Andrew Essex, a former New Yorker staffer, wrote in to say that, thirteen years earlier, both he and The New Yorker had fallen victim to a prank. In “Godzilla Meets Indie Rockers,” a Talk of the Town story from June 24, 1996, Essex reported that Thomas Pynchon, a notorious hermit, had become a groupie of the nineties New York rock band Lotion. (We recently mentioned the article on the occasion of the release of Pynchon’s new novel, “Inherent Vice.”)
The band members told Essex that Pynchon, wearing a Godzilla T-shirt, had approached them after a concert at a Cincinnati laundromat-cum-rock club; that he didn’t reveal his identity until months later, when he spotted a copy of his short-story collection lying around backstage; and that he always paid his restaurant bills in cash.


Thomas Pynchon Sat Here


The biggest un-asked literary question of all time is;

Did Ken Kesey and Thomas Pynchon ever meet?

Of course, this question spawns a slew of other un-asked questions, does it not. Like;

Did they ever swap wives? After all, there was this thing called Free Love, and the Summer of Love. And, Ken and Tom are the greatest hip/beat/bohemian writers of all time. Surely their coming together would have changed the course of Hippie History.

It might not be too late! The far-out literary world may not have come to an end. Life goes on. The pen moves across the paper omitting sparks of cosmic stars.

I was married to Pynchon’s wife.

alchemy28 blue-kesey

In my review of the Kesey mural, I said the image was un-balanced, and, what it needed was a figure standing on the other side of the bookcase, with their arm resting atop it. The figure I chose was Venus by Botticelli. But, it now occurs to me Thomas Pynchon would be the wiser, and less selfish choice. The bookshelf would now hold the books of both literary giants. They would be shuffled together to make one Big Book, a Hippie Bible if you will. What I pointed out to Charles Shield, and Boris Kachka, was that being a hippie was not about – standing alone! It was about seeking new ways to interact with fellow human being so we can change the world, stop humanity from going off a cliff. Is ‘Catcher in the Rye’ on Ken’s shelf?

What the balanced mural would look like is a Cote of Arms! We could redo the mural and title it ‘The Book Ends of the Literary Gods’. Didn’t Tom win a spelling bee trophy? You can see there is room there on the wall. The question is, will Pynchon be wearing a paper bag over his head? This will tie in nicely with the Simpson mural two blocks away.

Before we tarry forth, let me say this, there is no evidence whatsoever that Leonardo Da Vinci belong to a mysterious society. Here is evidence my ancestor belonged to the mysterious Swan Brethren, who commissioned Bosch to render very mysterious works of art. Rosemondt was a great Renaissance Man.


As to who got ripped off, and who is ripping off whom, the creative estate of my late sister, the world-famous artist ‘Rosamond’, was decimated by parasites, outsiders who wrote two terrible  books and a screenplay. To keep depicting The True Victim, as a Victimizer, is pure evil!

This brings me to that wonderful man who gave me rest in the Wilderness. Michael Powell was a perfect gentleman and host, who knew what I was searching for. I chose to sit outside so I could look at his wondrous chair, and get a betting read on it. For, I had a vision when I walked down the walk. I saw Thomas Pynchon sitting in that chair. When Michael read this, I hope it jars his memory, because he came knocking, and asked;

“I heard Ken Kesey lived around here when he wrote Sunset…….. Is this true?”

“Why yes, he lived over there! Can I make you a mint julep. You look like a parched and cultured man. Have a seat. It will only take a minute. I can see my cat likes you. Smokey doesn’t take to people. She’s a Loner!” Michael lied, because he loves to make all his guests feel special.

Here is Thomas Pynchon’s ex-wife (and mine) recreating Poussin’s ‘The Arcadian Shepherds’. Mary Ann gave me a hand-signed copy of V to read. I got to page thirty-eight and put it down. Now, I am poised to pick it up again, because I realized Tom was on to the Venus in Retrograde Crisis that is decimating Western Culture. The symbol for our ruin is…………



V for Venus! Inehernt V……Trouble in Retrograde. Above is a photo of Belle crossing Ken Kesey Square minutes before I tell her she reminds me of Botticelli’s VENUS!

Here is the Vision I had while staring at Michael’s rusty chair on Columbia Street.

Someone handed Pynchon ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ to read, or, discypher, because that handee knew Pynchon loves codes. When Tom saw this, he fell backyards in his chair and almost broke his neck.


Three V’s. Tom went to work, and four days later he finished ‘Da Vinciville’. It was so convoluted, that a ghost writer was hired to tone it down so it was palatable to the common man.

As a profound coincidence, Erin Sullivan stopped reading the Da V-inci Code on page thirty-eight! The question is, who handed Tom ‘Holy Blood, Holy Vice’ knowing Pynchon would get hooked – like a big fish?

Here is Tracy Twyman’s treatment of Poussin’s puzzle. We were members of several yahoogroups. We fought, and I invited her to come to Eugene and try out for the Slug Queen. She said she would if I paid her exprences.

“By the way. How’s Frog? Is that freak still there!”


‘Inherent Vice’ is code for a secret bloodline. I now wonder if Tom and Mary Ann had a child together. Consider ‘Vineland’. My ex descends from Eric ‘The Red’

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015


One story involved the book jacket photographer for “V” going to Pynchon’s only known address, a hotel room in Mexico City, for a picture of the young author. The man who answered the door said Pynchon would be back in an hour, but when the photographer returned, the room was barren.

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