The Lady of the Maze on the Isle of Wight

God took away my natal family to make room for a great family. From now until New Years I will visit one of the great homes in my family tree. Let us return to Arreton Manor.

Robert Wilson married Jane Lee and were pioneers at the Beverly Manor. I have wasted so much time dealing with The Scum of the Earth. But, that’s how it always go. Their pitchfork days and their burning torches ways. Let us replace them.

Seer Jon

Birth: (2,3,7) s/o Robert WILLSON/Jane LEE. (4) s/o Robert WILLSON. (4a) Was Scotch-Irish. (1,7) 1702. (2) Abt. 1701. (3,4) 1701. (4b,5) In his 72nd year at his death in 1773 [b. 1701]. (2,3,4) Londonderry, Ireland. (7) Co. Armagh, Ireland.

Rosamond of Bayhall
Posted on July 15, 2018
by Royal Rosamond Press

After posting this, I spent all night tracing my ancestors. I found them, in Bohemia.

Yesterday I read a movie is coming out about Downton Abbey. Today, I discovered Bayhall, where my Culpeper ancestors lived. They had more manors than any other British family. Thomas Culpeper lost his head over a Queen. They made a movie about their love affair. I have yet to determine if Thomas was living at Bayhall when he gave it all up, for love. They say Bayhall is haunted. By……whom? Bayhall, burned down. We can restore it. We can go there – with love!

Today I read a post from my dear and late friend, Ben Toney, who is kin to Fair Rosamond Clifford, and the gentry that lived at Bayhall. He states how much he loves doing genealogies. The same can be said for Jimmy Rosamond and myself. We are in our seventies, and, we will leave our Rosamond Family Tree RESEARCH behind. There is no end to what can be discovered.

Rosamond Press

Arreton Manor

My name is Thomas Culpeper, Lord of Arreton Manor. I am a Futurian. I came into the body of John Gregory Presco when he died February 11, 1967. John was just twenty years old. I came from the past into the future to warn the people of the world. I gave my warning, but, it did not reach enough people. My mission, is a failure. Once more, our faithful watchdog look skyward for our return.

Soon, I will be going home to my beloved Arreton, where she waits? We are the Ghosts of Arreton. We leave a part of ourselves in the Maze of Arreton in order to ground ourselves when we travel. We are not immortals. We are more than that. This is our story.



Lord Thomas Culpeper a.k.a. John Presco

Copyright 2018

Arreton Manor: Lord Culpeper’s home with a thousand years of…

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