Robert Wilson Maried Jane Lee

I found the Shakespeare connection just after my friend Ben Toney died. He is connected to Herbert Armstrong via Radio London. Saving the English Speakers, Drama, and Poets is my Quest that God gave me via my genetics. I wonder about Rena remembering a million poems. Is she the embodiment of Ann Hathaway? What language do they speak in Heaven?

Rosamond Press

This may constitute one of the most profound Royal Marriages that took root in America and is being carried on by many members of Rosamond Family. I have long suspected my grandfather, Frank Wesley Rosamond, took the penname ‘Royal’ because he heard stories that he descended from royal people. He had no genealogy, so, he was not believed. Why carry on, when most of the Rosamonds are dirt poor? They’re going to think you daft.

The ancestors of Jane Lee, are the Culpepers and the Clifford family. Here are the Clifford Coats of Arms. I intend to design and submit a Rosamond Family Coat of Arms to the College of Heraldry. Being related to Ian Fleming, one can conclude I am the Real James Bond, who I will place in a Royal Tree. Robert Wilson descends from the House of Schwarzenberg. I will post on the amazing connections in the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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