How To Make Us Live Longer

I am going to apply for a grant. Escaping Death is a big deal for the Rapture Rats.


Buck Institute Resuscitation Device

I am perplexed! How did it come to be the Buck Institute for Education gets to use monies from the Buck Trust, to help un-poor people own successful lives? Beryl Buck was surrounded by successful folks. Why didn’t she found a trust that catered to rich people only? Why didn’t this childless woman leave her fortune to her kinfolk’s children – so that they will be that much richer – and SUCCESSFUL?

At the Buck Institute for Education (BIE), our highest priority is to help teachers prepare students for successful lives. We do this by showing teachers how to use Project Based Learning in all grade levels and subject areas. As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, BIE creates, gathers, and shares high-quality PBL instructional practices and products and provides highly effective services to teachers, schools, and districts.

For teachers, BIE offers professional development on how to design, assess, and manage projects that engage and motivate students. For schools, BIE helps bring coherence to PBL practices across grade levels and subject areas, and supports the creation of school-wide processes and structures to support PBL. For districts, BIE offers unrivaled service and expertise in creating and sustaining district-wide PBL initiatives. The exponential increase in demand for its services and products speak to BIE’s ability to help educators around the world provide a better education for all students.

It just so happens that my ex-friend, Mark Gall wrote the definitive book on how to educate educators. He refused to serve as my second-named executor after my daughter called me a parasite because I get SSI. Also, I was not invited to his son’s funeral because I appear to be anti-Christian. So what? A true anti-Christian is someone who ignores everything that has to do with religion. I on the other hand am a self-taught theologian who has solved several Biblical mysteries. After asking way too many good questions, I have concluded Jesus was engaged in the Resuscitation cult that Saint Paul and his Pharisees were pushing, thus this is probably an interpolation.

Jesus preached to non-believers. For the reason Buck Trust monies are being used to prolong the lives of rich people, at the expense of the poor, I am proposing the building of a Resuscitation Device near the rusty Quonset hut I will humbly dwell in, so I can befuddle un-motivated students on the Pontius Pilate dilemma in regards to sealing Jesus’s tomb. Here’s an oldie but goodie many bright minds have not contemplated for awhile!

Perhaps there is real life after death, but, as usual, the Greedy and Selfish got their hands on it. Who knows, maybe that white shiny building on the hill contains The Lost Lazarus Device that Pilate stole, and took to Rome. Thus, slavery will never die. Poor people make the best slaves. Why is that?

Yet again, the head of the Buck Anti-Aging Program, emerges from Pei’s building, and announces;

“I have sad news. We have failed once more. But, do no lose faith!”

A big black limousine pulls into the underground garage, and out steps another Russian billionaire to get his booster shot. He was too busy to get the ones given atop Trump Tower. How old is Melania? Ask for the IDs of those beauty contestants. I suspect some of them are Buck Grandmothers…………’Buck Beauties’.

“Resuscitation is a miraculous healing in which a human being is restored to natural life but still subject to natural death. The restored human body needs to be sustained by food (Mark 5:43), and it is governed by its own selfish human nature.”

If this ever becomes a movie, I see a BIE instructor leading a gaggle of Mission Ordained Success Students along the path to the see the Mad Quonset Hut Prophet.

“Now, put away your cellphones and take off your scientific longevity amulets, because if he sees one, he will crush it under a big rock. Don’t ask him why he is wearing buck deer antlers atop his head, or, you will be late to your next Wine Haters class. And, don’t feed him! We are conducting an experiment.”

As you will soon see, this post is truly prophetic. Gottschalk defended the Great Erasmus at the start of the Spanish Inquisition. God has blessed this quest for the truth.

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Papal College of Poor Boys

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I believe I have been ordained to reconcile the split between the Protestant and Catholic religions so that God can do battle with His enemies. The Swan Brethren admitted members of the new Protestant religion. A life-size statue of William ‘The Silent’ graces the façade of their meeting hall. Godschalk Rosemondt was the executor of Pope Adrian and built ‘The Pope’s College’ as his good friend instructed. Adrian came to believe only poor boys should be raised up to rule the Vatican. He hated the excesses of the Medicis. Pope Francis is the embodiment of this humble vision that my ancestor carried forth.

My Democracy was not founded as a sanctuary for the Rich, as is the claim of the false Evangelical cosmology invented in Ireland in 1840 by John Darby. Our Democracy was grounded upon the ideal of Pope Adrian, that was inspired by the teaching of Jesus;

“The meek shall inherit the earth.”

How is one to understand the apparent resuscitation of a dead person? How does that reconcile with the biblical evidence that upon death, the soul of a Christian goes into the presence of the Lord? Is this really a resurrection?

1. Consult a Dictionary. What is the difference between resuscitation and resurrection?

Resuscitation is a miraculous healing in which a human being is restored to natural life but still subject to natural death. The restored human body needs to be sustained by food (Mark 5:43), and it is governed by its own selfish human nature.

The resurrection of a Christian is where a new kind of life arises from the dead in which the body is not susceptible to sickness, aging, decay or death but subject to the will and guidance of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 15:50-57).

While the Bible emphasizes the resurrection of a Christian, it does mention that non-Believers are also resurrected (Dan 12:2; Matt 25:31-46; John 5:29; Acts 24:15), although it is not likely that the resurrected life will be like the Christian’s. Little detail is given including whether the resurrection of non-Believers occurs at the same time as Believers; however, biblical passages refer to a “resurrection of judgment” (John 5:29) and final judgment as “second death” (Rev 20:14).

2. Examine the various biblical passages that report the resuscitation of a dead person. Observe and compare the similarities and differences (1 Kings 17:17-24; 2 Kings 4:18-37; 13:21; John 11:1-44; Matt 9:23-26; Mark 5:22-24, 35-43; Luke 8:49-56; 7:11-17; Acts 9:36-42; 20: 9-12). Fill in the chart.

The Marin Community Foundation oversees the Buck Trust’s $923 million in assets, which began with the estate of Marin resident Beryl Buck.

The trust was valued at $7 million at the time of Buck’s death in 1975.

In 1986, the San Francisco Foundation, which initially managed the trust, lost a lengthy legal battle to distribute the money throughout the Bay Area. As a result, the Marin Community Foundation was established to distribute the money only in Marin County, in accordance with Buck’s will.

We note the significant difference in the time of the resuscitation of Lazarus from Jesus’ Resurrection. While Lazarus was raised on the fourth day after his death, the Savior rose on the third day. And this is fitting, if we consider the significance of the numbers three and four. Indeed, four signifies the things of earth and of men: There are said to be four corners to the earth, there are four cardinal virtues, and the number forty implies earthly perfection. Three, on the other hand, points to the things of heaven and of God: There are three Persons in the Most Holy Trinity and three theological virtues.
For this reason, Christ raised Lazarus on the fourth day, since it was a natural and earthly life to which the dead man was restored. This was not a resurrection, but a resuscitation: Since Lazarus would die again and did not yet enjoy the glorification of his body or soul. The Savior, however, rose on the third day, since it was to a supernatural and heavenly existence that he was restored. His rising from the dead is a true Resurrection to glory. Moreover, it should have given his disciples greater hope when they saw their Savior die – if Christ had raised Lazarus after four days, surely hope remained until the third day after his own death.
Difference of place
There is also a significant difference in place. Although both Lazarus and Christ rose from a tomb, the tomb from which Lazarus was raised was open at the moment of his resuscitation. Now it was a cave; and a stone was laid over it. Jesus saith: Take away the stone. […] They took therefore the stone away (John 11:39,41).
In the case of the Resurrection of the Lord, however, the tomb was closed when he rose from the dead. We have already discussed this point, which is not often recognized, in a previous article. Here, it will suffice simply to mention the Gospel accounts in brief. When the women came to the tomb on Eastern morning, they saw the tomb closed. But then an earthquake occurred and an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and coming, rolled back the stone, and sat upon it (Matthew 28:2). Looking within, the women saw that the Savior had already been raised. Hence, it is clear that the Lord was raised when the tomb was still closed. This, then, is the greatest proof of his Resurrection – since, if the tomb had already been open, it may have been thought that robbers took the body; but, if the tomb was closed at the time Christ rose and came forth (by walking through the wall of the tomb, as he walked through the walls of the upper-room), it was clear that the body had not been stolen, but that Jesus had indeed been raised and glorified.
Although both Lazarus and the Lord had been laid in tombs, Lazarus was resuscitated to an earthly existence and could not exit the tomb without having the bolder first rolled back. Christ, on the other hand, rose to glory and, through the power of his divinity working in and upon his glorified body, he miraculously exited the tomb by walking through the wall at some time during the night. And this brings us to another difference.
Difference of witnesses
Many witnessed the resuscitation of Lazarus: His sisters Martha and Mary, the Jews who had come, the Apostles and other disciples of Jesus, and of course Jesus himself. Of the Resurrection of the Christ, however, there was no witness. For this reason the Church sings in her Easter Exultet: O truly blessed night, which alone merited to know the time and the hour in which Christ rose from the dead!
Many saw Lazarus come forth from the tomb, resuscitated. None, however, were privileged to behold the Lord rise from the tomb, glorified. And this is fitting, since the resuscitation of Lazarus – while a great miracle – is not entirely beyond the powers of human comprehension. The Resurrection of the Savior, however, fully exceeds all human understanding – not that we cannot come to a true belief and knowledge of the fact of the Resurrection, but the mystery of the Resurrection itself is far above the reason of men and angels. As none beheld the eternal generation of the Son from the Father, so too none merited to see the raising of the Christ. This same God hath fulfilled to our children, raising up Jesus, as in the second psalm also is written: Thou are my Son, this day have I begotten thee (Acts of the Apostles 13:33).
There are, of course, many more differences besides these which we have mentioned: Lazarus’ body was decaying, while Christ’s was preserved from corruption; Lazarus rose by the power of another (Jesus), while the Lord rose by his own power as God; Lazarus remained bound in his burial garments (including the napkin upon his face), but Christ’s garments were freed from him and the napkin was folded and set aside; etc., etc. We, however, must now turn to an essential similarity – the similarity which allows us to make these comparisons.

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