Liz, Brando, Jackson Movie

I’m almost ready to send out a few of my movie ideas. You can say I wasted my time on a bunch of NOBODIES, but, they have contributed to My Urban Myths with real psychedelic drugs and scenarios, such as I should be locked up for being a lunatic. I will be laughing like a lunatic – all the way to the bank!

‘Urban Myths’ Recap 1×04: ‘When Cary Grant Introduced Timothy Leary To LSD’

Paris Jackson says ‘Urban Myths’ wants to make her vomit.


Did Michael and Liz Consider Having Children?

The story is irresistible: on 9/11, unable to fly, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, and Marlon Brando jumped in a car together—the three of them, no entourage—and made it as far as Ohio in an attempt to escape New York City. The story was first revealed in a 2011 Vanity Fair story by Sam Kashner— with the caveat that Taylor’s representative insists she remained in New York City, which makes it possible the whole thing never happened. The story has now made the next inevitable step in evolution: it’s becoming a movie.

A British TV movie, to be specific, which means it may not be all that easy to watch in America. Given one of the casting choices, that may be for the best; Joseph Fiennes, the brother of Ralph best known for his role in Shakespeare in Love, has been cast to play Jackson. It’s inspired the expected round of “WTF?” headlines, and especially amid an uproar about the Oscars and recognition for black actors, isn’t necessarily the best look for an industry still trying to prove that it offers opportunity for actors of color. Then again . . . Michael Jackson’s appearance had changed pretty dramatically by 2001. It doesn’t eliminate the question of race, but it does make the

Urban Myths is a SKY comedy drama television series first aired on 19 January 2017 on the Sky Arts Channel. Each episode featured a story surrounding popular culture which may or may not be true, ranging from Muhammad Ali talking a man down from a ledge to Bob Dylan turning up on a stranger’s doorstep. A second series was announced featuring The Sex Pistols and Salvador Dali, which began airing on 12 April 2018.[1]

The series was most notable for a controversy surrounding the casting of Joseph Fiennes in the role of Michael Jackson, an episode that was pulled from transmission[2]


After it was revealed that Joseph Fiennes was to portray Michael Jackson in the series, several members of Jacksons’ family objected, including his daughter, Paris Jackson, who wrote on Twitter, “I’m so incredibly offended by it, as i’m sure plenty of people are as well, and it honestly makes me want to vomit.” The tweet was later deleted.[3]. After widespread criticism following the release of the series trailer, the episode was pulled from broadcast indefinitely.[4]


Although stories surrounding the pulled episode overshadowed the rest of the series, the aired episodes attracted a positive response. The opening episode, featuring Eddie Marsan as Bob Dylan was described in newspaper reviews as “charming and hilarious”[5], “short, charming and light-hearted”[6] and “different and pleasing”[7]. The series drew over 600,000 viewers and charted in the top three programmes for Sky Arts each week it aired, save for the episode “Cary Grant and Timothy Leary”, which came seventh, largely due to broadcasts of the programme Portrait Artist of the Year.[8]

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