Mr. H

Here is CBS News wanting to get a story on my homeless friend. A year later I ran into Belle and SLEEPS at Kesey Square.

“Sent: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 12:28 PM
Subject: CBS News Request/VA Backlog/Hollis Williams

Hi John,

I’m a producer with the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley and I’m working on a piece about the VA backlogs and how in spite of these backlogs, and other issues some administrators were given bonuses. I ran across your blog/tribute to your friend Hollis and saw that you believe he might still be alive if he had not been denied medical help by the U.S. Government– the VA, SSI, or Medicare. I’d love to talk to you more about this. Could you please email me with your contact info, or give me a call. My contact info is below. Hope to talk to you soon.”

Trump titled himself a ‘Nationalist’. Did he serve his Country? Was he drafted? Most Veterans went on what amounts to a Holy Crusade, in Vietnam, in Iraq, and Afghanistan. The Conservative-right wanted these global wars.

Here is Alley Valkyrie ‘Satan’s Smartass’ lecturing the City Council on history that is applicable to Homeless Soldiers’ during wartime. I am sure Alley and other members of SLEEPS knew about my work with a homeless Veteran, before Belle called me to set up a meeting, where I showed her images of Hollis and the Elk adoption papers. I was suprised Belle did not comment.

In discovering this video, I see I trumped one of their talking points. Note how Satan’s Lil Shit-head puts her flawed argument down on the podium. She, nor any member of SLEEPS, are veterans. Mayor Piercy instigated a program for Vets. I worked with HUD-Vash and called them when I found H dead.

Why is there an echo-chamber in this video? Did the camera dude drop acid? Is he celebrating the deluded take-over of Eugene? Note how these scum-heads mark their territory – like dogs! No one dare get in their way – but me! They fucked with the wrong dude! And, that’s a fact Jack!

I am not a veteran. I was drafted in 1966 I was given a 4F deferment for mental reasons. Here’s what I told the Army Shrink.

“I don’t take orders. No one tells me what to do. I will end up in the brig, or, before a firing squad for fragging an officer. You will never turn me into a soldier. It will be a big waste of tax payers money, to try!”

And, now you know! I told the truth, and the shrink knew it. Members of SLEEPS conspired to change me into a FINK, a traitor to my principles, and to my peers, members of the Free Press! Councilperson, Emily Semple – FAILED! I am unalterable! I am not done kicking her ass!

Now, stay the fuck out of my way while I kick the butt of Russian Trolls, and Headtakers!

John Presco ‘The Incorrigible One’

Definition of incorrigible 

: incapable of being corrected or amended: such as

a(1) : not reformable : depraved

(2) : delinquent

b : not manageable : unruly

c : unalterable, inveterate

Definition of unalterable 

: not capable of being altered or changed an unalterable resolve unalterable hatred


Rosamond Press

Mr. H will always be with us.


Vets and Friends Growing Flowers

VETTTTTTTT 004VETTTTTTTT 013flower3flower4flowers2FLOWERS2 003

Several days ago I sent Pat Farr – who is on the Lane County Board of commissioners – my idea of having a permanent Stand-down for Veterans near the new VA Center. On Wednesday, I took this idea before the friends of Hollis Williams. We took a table at the C Street Dinner where many homeless people dine. At our table was Shea Beck, Steve Martin, Michelle Carr, and Sandy Maricle. No sooner did I begin my presentation, then Shea is lighting up the board – and blowing my mind! She is talking about growing flowers at the H Center, as well as growing food for hungry Vets and others. We aske Reverend June if she would like to be a part of this, and she said she would.

Listen to this real miracle unfold…

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