Did Michael and Liz Consider Having Children?

Capturing Beauty

Last week I saw a photograph of Prince and Paris Jackson standing together. I realized they filled in the ‘Empty Space’ I had created, the blank faces that hangs on the wall at the Emerald Art Association. On the wall outside, is a giant mural depicting the opening up of The West, a large Empty Space that my kindred, John Fremont, helped fill. Several months ago I proved that Fremont and Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor are in the same family tree. The question that begs to be asked, did Michael and Liz ever wonder what their children would be like – if they could have children? Were they lovers?

When God brought His Chosen Children to the Promised Land, He gave them a commandment;

“Be fruitful, and multiply!”

Was there a taboo against following orders with one’s mother and sister? The eternal search for an Ideal Mate who you love as much as you love God, is a trek into the Wilderness, the Garden, that we all make alone. We are born with a feeling we are alone, and not complete. There is a empty space in our heart that we are driven to fulfill.

When I began my search for the progenitors of the Rosamond Family, I found myself at the Mormon Center. I had a question for the elderly woman who assisted people in find their ancestors. One line disappeared.

“Out West, it was not uncommon for fathers to match his children in order to preserve the aristocratic bloodline that was brought from Europe. He did not want his daughter having children by a Native American, or, his son.”

The word “savages” came to mind. I wondered about my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Wieneke. Four of her cousins joined the Order of Saint Francis in Iowa.

In the top photo we see me with my Best Friend, Marilyn Reed. She has been married to a Black Man for twelve years. Kenny Reed is a good friend of Eric Richardson, the head of the NAACP. Last night M told me what Eric’s children had done. They broke ground for Black Cultural Center that is funded by Black Alumni of the University of Oregon.

Ten years ago I found myself at gathering of mixed-race couples at the Cosmic Pizza. It was a wonderful event. The speakers were very informative. I asked myself;

“What am I doing here?” Several days ago, the answer arrived. What MRs have trouble with is………ACCEPTANCE. They are rejected by both races. Ofter, their parents do not approve of their choice. Society can be harder on a MR bond, then on a black couple. Then it dawned on me! Michael and Elizabeth wee giving deliberate lessons on ACCEPTANCE of MRs.  The next question is, did they consider their children would be Music and Hollywood Royalty – as well as Cultural Royalty? Liz is too old to have children. However, surrogate children have fulfilled roles that are barred – blocked. Homosexuals are getting married, and adopting children.

Down South, a MR couple could find themselves in extreme danger from the KKK whose racism is hell bent on keeping black men from mating with white women. Many Southerners own coat of arms because they descend from aristocratic families. Was Liz aware of her aristocratic roots? How about Michael?

Look at this couple holding hands. Their intertwined fingers are symbolic of a mixing, a blending together. Look at the expression on Marlon Brando’s face. What does it say? Look at the coat of arms on Michael’s princely uniform. Marlon is famus for his support of Native American causes. Black people were brought here against their will to be used as slaves. Did slaveowners consider the risk of their slaves mating with their children?

Elizabeth Warren and the President have been warring over her DNA. Native Americans are upset with Elizabeth. On the wall of Emerald Arts are the names of Native Americans that John Fremont encountered. His wife, Jessie Benton Fremont authored her husbands journals, thus she was the first white person to pen these names. Jessie and Liz are in my family tree that I discovered several months ago, include the Schwarzenberg family – who owned many castles. Liz Taylor descends from these Barons and Counts.

Michael has been severely criticized for wanting to be white. Are his critics made up of two races? Michael has been called “Mad” for making his own Disneyland – with castle. Here are some of the castles my Schwarzenberg and Rosenberg kindred owned. I am positive Liz was not aware of this lineage. Sometimes, in the Wilderness, dreams come true. This is an extraordinary genealogical study.

Alas, I discovered why Marilyn invited me to so many mixed-race events, and is determined that Kenny Reed and I become best friends. She wants my acceptance. She needs my approval. On this day she has it – in full!

I just got off the phone. I asked Marilyn why she invited me to so many mixed-race events. She said;

“I come from a mixed-race family. I wanted your acceptance!”

“Thank you! You just said the name of Michael and Liz’s child they born ‘Acceptance’.”

In the Wilderness of America, a child was born, so that We can better accept the gift that God gave us all. This is – The Promised Land! This is – God’s Melting Pot! From this pot a banner is made so that it will wave over us all! We are His Royal Children, when we love one another. Otherwise, we are cast outs, put out of Paradise.

John Presco

Copyright 2018


Paris and Prince Jackson came together for a good cause.

The late Michael Jackson’s eldest kids made a rare joint public appearance at The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and mothers2mothers dinner at Ron Burkle’s Green Acres Estate in Beverly Hills, California, on Tuesday night.

Dressed in a floral off-the-shoulder Zac Posen maxi dress, Paris held hands with her big brother while posing for pics on the red carpet.

The 19-year-old actress, who co-hosted the event, told ET about her work in Africa and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

“While in Africa recently, I met a young mother who was receiving care through programs funded by the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. If she had gotten medication sooner, she wouldn’t have passed HIV on to her child,” Paris expressed. “When she talked about it, I could see in her eyes that she was expecting death, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Mobile health clinics, along with other programs that ETAF is funding, are giving many people the lifesaving care that they desperately need, and the money raised tonight will help to expand these programs and give more mothers, children, families and communities the chance at a future.”

The story of one of Hollywood’s oddest relationships is told in US author Donald Bogle’s new book Elizabeth And Michael: The Queen Of Hollywood And The King Of Pop – A Love Story.

In the book, Bogle writes that when they were together ‘Elizabeth and Michael were clearly in their own world, one that few could understand or enter’.

Jackson once called her a ‘warm cuddly blanket that I love to snuggle up to and cover myself with’. According to Bogle, he became obsessed with Miss Taylor in the early 1980s and was ‘like a young lover in pursuit’. He claims Miss Taylor became ‘part of his dreams’ and the ‘embodiment of Hollywood history’.

‘Jackson wanted to really meet her, to make a connection, then to see her again and again and to get to know her and for her to get to know him,’ Bogle writes.

‘Something deep inside Michael Jackson needed Elizabeth Taylor… though he probably couldn’t articulate what he wanted from her. She was both a star goddess and a mother goddess.’

They met six months after the death of Richard Burton, the love of her life, and he provided a replacement of sorts.

Burton died in August 1984 and later that year Jackson invited Miss Taylor to see one of the final dates on his Victory Tour in Los Angeles. But Miss Taylor left because the box he had arranged for her had a poor view. Jackson then called her to beg her forgiveness. Bogle claims they talked on the phone every day then ‘something magical happened during those phone conversations… Michael and Elizabeth became hooked on each other’.

During the early years of their friendship, Jackson ‘loved playing the part of gentleman escort, at her beck and call, making sure she was comfortable, making sure any request to a waiter or whomever was taken care of’, writes the author.

Jackson gave her lots of gifts including a 17-carat diamond ring, a diamond bracelet, diamond necklaces and ruby encrusted watches. For him it was money well spent so he could be ‘part of a classic old Hollywood with its greatest star’.

She was high maintenance – but so was he. Miss Taylor would buy Jackson lavish gifts, including an elephant called Gypsy kept at his Neverland ranch.

Such was Miss Taylor’s hold on Jackson that it angered his family. Jackson’s mother once supposedly said that Miss Taylor ‘stole my son’.

It was also under Miss Taylor’s influence that he moved out of his family home in 1987 and bought the $17million, 26-acre ranch in Los Olivos, California, which became Neverland. The sprawling property had a number of guest rooms including the ‘Elizabeth Taylor suite’ which had an enormous bed.

Jackson’s busy touring schedule meant they met for ‘intense reunions’ every few months.

Jackson’s death in 2009 deeply upset Miss Taylor.

She wrote on Twitter: ‘My heart, my mind, are broken. Of course I’m still grieving for Michael… I always will.’

When Miss Taylor died in 2011, she was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, where Jackson was also buried.





Marking what would have been Jackson’s 60th birthday on August 29, the exhibition comprises some 100 works of art depicting his many facets and faces, seen through the eyes of everyone from Andy Warhol to Grayson Perry.

Among them is the last portrait Jackson commissioned of himself, Kehinde Wiley’s depiction of him as Philip II of Spain on horseback, after Rubens. Jackson often had himself painted as kings and archangels — easily brushed off as megalomania. “This is someone who grew up in a poor area of Gary, Indiana, in a two-bedroom house with eight siblings, who managed to transcend that,” Cullinan argues.


A pop comet like Jackson, probably the most significant icon of a generation, was clearly destined to leave its trail on contemporary art. This is confirmed by the “Michael Jackson: On the Wallexhibition at the National Portrait Gallery of London (from the 28th of this month to October 21st), which celebrates his 60th birthday (August 29th) by inviting 40 artists of different generations to create works portraying the influence of this giant on the spirit of time.

Jackson’s friendship with one of the most famous stars of American film is the focus of Catherine Opie’s work. “I photographed Liz Taylor’s house in the “700 Nimes Roadseries; I wanted to create an intimate portrait of the actress through her dearest personal effects. Many objects were tied to Jackson: autographed photos, others in which they appeared together, a jacket of his hanging in the closet, and gifts that the singer gave her. They were very close. They both experienced the same sense of solitude and fame when they were young.”


Taylor was something of a muse for Warhol. She’s so glamorous.”

In 2007 Hugh Grant sold a painting entitled Liz from the same series for £11.4million at auction, just six years after he paid £2million for it.

The Christie’s auction has a total of 63 lots worth a pre-sale estimate of almost £60million.

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