Armed Patriot Prayer Protected by Police

Yesterday I took a walk around the block and encountered a neighbor walking a Dachshund. I saw Clark, the Siamese cat walk ten feet and greet this dog. They touched noses. The owner told me they were friends, and sometimes play together.

Just before Colt-Brembe disappeared, I saw a stick up against the wall next to wear Kim Hafner sits on her bench that was gone – after Brembe was gone! Why didn’t El Lardo keep this stick handy for Clark who she said hissed at her Dachshund. She said this after she kicked Clark who did not see her coming. Why would Clark hiss at any dog? The couple upstairs told me Clark plays with their dog.

Above are pics of me saving the Post Office, and with Hemp Woman at OCCUPY.

Here are the Nazis I told Hafner about.

John Presco

On Aug. 4, the Portland Police Bureau in Oregon protected two proto-fascist gangs as they marched around town, some in full body armor, in a planned disturbance disguised as a free speech rally.

Members of Patriot Prayer and its violent, punch-happy bodyguards, the Proud Boys, laughed and cheered behind barricades as cops fired dangerous rubber bullets and other nonlethal weapons at their opposition: a mix of local anti-racist and anti-fascist demonstrators. Cops nearly killed one of those these counterprotesters when an impact grenade penetrated a man’s helmet and embedded itself into his skull.

Police claimed anti-fascists had hurled projectiles at riot cops — something two HuffPost reporters on the scene never witnessed. Days later — after outrage over the department’s response to the rally — Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw said on a conservative radio show that protesters were acting like children and were only “mad because I kicked your butt.”

What Outlaw didn’t say at the time was that the people she and her department defended had been armed to the teeth. In an appalling revelation Monday, Mayor Ted Wheeler told reporters that police found a group of Patriot Prayer members on Aug. 4 with a cache of guns on a rooftop before the demonstrations that day — and didn’t say a word.

Instead, police acted as their personal guard and kept silent about the cache — which included what officials described as “long guns” — for two months, when Wheeler found out about them.





On September 28, 2018 at 5;00 P.M. I saw Kim Hafner get off her bench, walk 15 feet, and kick Clark in his hindquarters. He was lying down. This beautiful Siamese cat did not see her coming.  Clark ran twenty feet into our drive. Another neighbor had just tried to pet Clark. I asked this person to let Clark come up and visit me.

Hafner then told me she is going to disappear Clark. I told her he has an owner. She said she would take him to his owners who I talked to. The wife told me to let her know if she does it again. I now suspect Hafner disappeared Brembe. She said Clark doesn’t belong here, and I don’t belong here. I am a Senior Citizen who is being harassed.

I beseech my neighbors to help prevent ANIMAL ABUSE!

John Presco

During a press conference, he recalled the rally on Aug. 4, revealing that “the Portland Police Bureau discovered individuals who positioned themselves on a rooftop parking structure in downtown Portland with a cache of firearms,” according to The Oregonian.

Assistant Chief Ryan Lee said that the unidentified Patriot Prayer members were legally carrying the weapons and that officers didn’t make any arrests. They did seize the weapons, however, and later returned them.

Asked why the public wasn’t made aware of the gun cache, Outlaw reportedly said, “Hindsight is always perfect.” At the time, Portland police released photos and information about weapons seized during the rally but didn’t mention the guns:

Joey Gibson, the leader of Patriot Prayer, who has had Proud Boys among his bodyguards at various rallies he has held in the Pacific Northwest, told The Oregonian that Monday was the first he had heard of the weapons stash. Portland is a city with a white terrorism crisis. It has long been a battleground for “alt-right” factions and counterprotesters, a haven for violent neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and a difficult city for people of color and non-Christians. There have been numerous violent rallies over the past few years in which out-of-town fascists descend on the city to fight local protesters ― and though the city is scrambling to fix the problem, community leaders say it has had multiple opportunities.

“It’s just disappointing that Portland leadership doesn’t recognize that it itself is under attack,” said Eric Ward, a longtime civil rights strategist and the executive director of Western States Center in Portland.

“This is a political group that associates with the ‘alt-right’ that comes into Portland with the specific intent to both intimidate and to spark violence,” he said. “This isn’t a fight between two factions. This is an assault on our values as a community, on what we want to be as a city. And we’re losing.”

Violent protests involving Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys erupted on the East and West coasts this weekend, sparking a nationwide conversation about what to do with a pro-Trump gang that has gone relatively unchecked by local governments for years.

Wheeler’s newest plan, announced Monday, involves regulating all protests in town, which drew criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union. According to Willamette Week:

Wheeler said at a press conference this afternoon that the emergency ordinance, if approved by City Council, would allow police to restrict protests to certain areas and time frames. His goal is to prevent the bloody brawls that have erupted each time the Vancouver, Wash.-based group Patriot Prayer comes to town.

He reportedly learned of the weapons cache while reviewing that ordinance.

Portland police didn’t respond to calls for comment for this article.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated incorrectly identified the mayor of Portland as Tod Wheeler. His name is Ted Wheeler.

Police in Portland, OR are facing criticism for their handling of a white supremacist rally on Saturday organized by the extremist groups Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys. Four people were arrested and several were injured, but the scale of violence was considerably less than many had expected.

The white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups—totaling about 400, according to media reports—were confronted by a coalition of about 1,000 counterprotesters, including antifa, Social Democrats, clergy, and community groups, at a riverfront park, and as the march progressed, police kept the two sides apart by moving down the middle of a four-lane boulevard.

Patriot Prayer is a far-right group based in the Portland, Oregon area.[1][2] Patriot Prayer describes itself as advocating in favor of free speech,[3] and opposing big government.[4][5] The group has organized pro-Trump[6] rallies and far-right protests in predominantly liberal areas, in which it has been met with large numbers of counter-protesters.[7][8] White nationalists and far-right groups, such as Proud Boys, have attended the rallies organised by Patriot Prayer, sparking controversy and violence.[9][10][11]

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