Armed Patriot Prayer Protected by Police

I have compared myself to Good King Wenceslaus who helped a poor man and was elevated by a king. I helped Hollis and paid for his funeral. I tried sharing with with Belle Burch as a Grateful Dead song about Saint Stephen with a rose was sung near us in Ken Kesey Square. I was championing the Post Office in 2013 a Constitutional Institution that the president is attacking in his refusal to accept – HE LOST! How like the Confederacy down in those Red States – he is.

After agreeing to model for me in exchange for a blue bicycle, I discovered Belle counseled her work with the poor, and had been arrested with members of Whoville. Half-ton Haffner and the Uglies ganged up on me and demanded I surrender Belle over to them, and made threats when I refused. These are not the Literature and Art Squad. This is the God Squad. Wenceslas kindred – were pagans! I am going to write a movie script titled ‘Young Wenceslas’ I want Disney Studios to make this epic tale. I want a young Sean Connery to appear as a young Zed who helps Wenceslas, the Poor Boy, Belle, and the famous cat team, Clark and Colt, escape from El Lardo, No-Neck, and Queen Half-ton, the evil satanic witches of the Red Neck Vortex. 

John Presco

Copyright 2020

Belle Burch and Lawrence Chazen | Rosamond Press

Belle Asks Me To Write Her About My Sobriety | Rosamond Press

(4) Capturing Belle – YouTube 

Good King Wenceslas may be one of the most popular carols ever written – but the story behind it is bizarre and gruesome

The man we know as ‘Good King Wenceslas’ was actually Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia. He was also known as Vaclac the Good, or Svatý Václav in Czech and lived from c.907 to 28 September 935.

And the reason we have his exact date of death is that he was assassinated – on the orders of his brother, appropriately named Boleslaus the Cruel.

Young Wenceslas

Wenceslas didn’t come from Christian stock: his grandfather had been converted to Christianity by Saints Cyril and Methodius. And his mother was the daughter of a pagan tribal chief – though she was baptized before she was married.

When young Wenceslas’ father died there was a power vacuum: the young boy’s mother was banished and his grandmother killed by assassins – it’s said she was strangled with her own veil.

But once the dust had settled, the people of Bohemia decided they’d like Wenceslas to be their ruler. His mother ruled as regent until young Wenceslas reached the age of 18… at which point he promptly banished her.

And when he came of age he banished his mother. To try and avoid disputes, the country was split in two and half given to Wenceslas’ younger brother, Boleslaus.

His assassination

But Boleslaus wasn’t happy with the set up and in September 935 he plotted with a group of noblemen to kill his brother.

The three nobles – Tira, Česta, and Hněvsa – stabbed Wenceslas – before his own brother ran him through with a lance.

We even know the date: 28 September. When Wenceslas was later canonized, this day was made his Saint’s Day.

Rosamond Press

Yesterday I took a walk around the block and encountered a neighbor walking a Dachshund. I saw Clark, the Siamese cat walk ten feet and greet this dog. They touched noses. The owner told me they were friends, and sometimes play together.

Just before Colt-Brembe disappeared, I saw a stick up against the wall next to wear Kim Hafner sits on her bench that was gone – after Brembe was gone! Why didn’t El Lardo keep this stick handy for Clark who she said hissed at her Dachshund. She said this after she kicked Clark who did not see her coming. Why would Clark hiss at any dog? The couple upstairs told me Clark plays with their dog.

Above are pics of me saving the Post Office, and with Hemp Woman at OCCUPY.

Here are the Nazis I told Hafner about.

John Presco

On Aug. 4, the Portland Police Bureau…

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