Robert Ervin Howard – Missing Link

Here is the bridge from Tolkein the Barbarian, to Bond the Barbarian. Robert E. Howard created much of the world we live in today. This is A WRITER who killed himself. They wondered if he was crazy. My grandfather and his Black Mask friends probably knew his work. Conan the Barbarian existed before Jesus. Solomon Kane, is what came after.

The odds that the new James Bond is going to be a black man, is high. The formula is, a nerdish loner is unsure of his sexuality. He has formed a unhealthy bond with his protective mother, and did not really know his father. This could describe most black teenagers who want to feel omnipotent like white teenagers. This means you are an invincible Sex Machine who no woman can resist. The problem here is, modern young women are rejecting this script. Was Robert a virgin when he took his own life?

In the Tolkien books, there is not a hint of anyone losing their virginity. This idea was left up to James Bond. Every woman he got in the sack – was not a virgin! There is a professional quality to their seduction. This is to suggest that Bond’s sexual allure is so powerful, no Seasoned Pro can resist him. Note the “NOW'” magazine James is holding between his legs while naked in the bath. On the cover is a black hipster that can get any black woman, and even a professional white woman. This may suggest James has had black lovers.

What fascinates me, is Howard Roark is a evangelical hero, their idea of a He-man. If Trump was not so hated, and was adored by all. then I see Bond being changed into a Donald Trump Tower Erector kind of guy who owns the Midas Touch. This would work if white Bond is killed off, and we behold Black Bond entering his investment group building on Wall Street to make himself some more sophisticated Bling.

I could author a great Black Bond. He will be a combination of Howard Roark and Mohammed Ali.  Let’s come up with a name. How about Brogan Bantu? After making a cool million at the Brogan Stock & Bond House, he goes around the corner to the old  Zulu Boxing Club where he can be wo he wants to be, a unabashed braggard!

“I float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. All day long, I pick hundred dollar bills off my money tree!”

Brogan has a following sitting in the front row. These are very professional women of many races who own their own Investment Group. They come to get lessons on Male Bravado, something they lack. They want to be experts at closing the deal.

“Hey champ! You really pack a wallop! I think you are ready for your first professional fight. I can get you a match with Igor who trains at the Russian Troll Farm Gym. They call him, Fuzzy Bear.”

If you really want to get down to the nuts and bolts sexual politics, then you pit Monique Rosamund against Brogan Bantu. Monique is the most beautiful white woman in the world, and, the most hard to get. She (Deliah) teases Brogan (Samson) while in training to fight Fuzzy Bear who is ridiculing his manhood.

“You got to get that Dame our of your head, or, I’m going to have to call off the fight!” his coach says.

While watching the President defend his actions at his Impeachment hearing. and after hearing the truth. A lightbulb goes off!

“I came to believe I could shoot anybody on the street and get away with it. No one would stop me. This led me to rape and manhandle even more women. They were powerless to stop me, because, they wanted some of my money, my Bling-Bling! My lust for beautiful women had captivated me. I was their prisoner. The truth is, I was – their sex slave! These Jezebels are to blame for my downfall. I kept searching for the one that would free my caged lust. I just wanted to be – set free!”

There is one last barrier in literature and film making, and that is for a black man to rape a white woman, and, no one does anything bout it. Oh sure, the more fanatical evangelicals will feel racially betrayed, and will remake ‘Birth of Nation’. But, like their Rapture flicks, it will be a half-ass product on par with a info-commercial.

After taking Monique against her will, Brogan Bantu is taken to a secret cave in Northern Italy, and shown………The Great Barbarian Shrine. He is admitted into the Barbarian League, the first black man to be so honored. Not since black slaves were taken north of the equator (by barbarians) was it ever thought possible the black race would be seen as equal to the Great Lombard tribe that bid Rosamund to drink from a skull cup made from her father’s freshly severed head.

“Long live Brogan Bantu – The Barbarian! Behold the Lombard gold looted from wealthy civilized Romans after their wives and daughters were raped. Take as much as you want. But, then you got the IRS on your back. In theory, this is YOUR money. We will show you the trick we showed the Barbarian Getty family. No dignified Barbarian pays taxes. The IRS are undignified Barbarians. They got no class.”

There will be lines around the block! No one wants to pay taxes, and, we want all the sex we can get! The MeToo movement is dead. American women are made to walk behind their man like they do in Israel. Brogan rebuilds the temple – with his own money – and is called ‘The Messiah’. With the social safety net no paid for, because no one pays their taxes, the weak, the infirmed, the parasite on society, die off.

Hillary Clinton makes another run at the Presidency. A poll is taken. Eighty-five percent of Americans believe Obama took Hillary against her will, all the time, and she enjoyed it. Democracy is dead, because, the truth is out, almost everyone wants to be a Barbarian.

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018

Rosamund forced to drink from the skull of her father by Pietro della Vecchia

Alboin and Rosamund by workshop of Peter Paul Rubens

Rosamund (fl. 572) was a Lombard queen. She was the daughter of Cunimund, king of the Gepids, and wife of Alboin, king of the Lombards.

Rosamund was born into a kingdom in crisis, as the Gepid people had been fighting a losing battle against the Lombards since 546, firstly within the context of a Lombardic-East Roman alliance, and later against the Lombards and the Avar nomads. These wars had taken the lives of not only her grandfather king Thurisind, but also her uncle, Thurismund, both of which served to establish a long-standing hatred of the Lombards in her father, Cunimund, which he passed down to her.

This hatred was what spawned the final war of the Gepids, as Cunimund attempted to win back lost lands against the Lombards. The war, however, quickly turned, and in 567, the Gepid Kingdom would be completely subdued by a mixture of Lombard and Avar forces, her father was decapitated and she, along with many other Gepids, was taken as a prisoner of the Lombards (see Lombard–Gepid War (567)). However, in an attempt to secure a male heir and following the death of his first wife Clotsuinda of Frankia, Alboin took her as his wife. Alboin was noted for his cruelty towards her; his most famous act of cruelty was reported by Paulus Diaconus, who states that at a royal banquet in Verona, Alboin forced her to drink from the skull of her dead father (which he carried around his belt), inviting her “to drink merrily with her father”.[1]

During a press junket interview for “Conan the Barbarian,” a journalist criticized the movie, believing the picture was misogynistic.  Mr. Nispel gave a long (but interesting) answer on the “sexual politics” inherent in such iconic figures as Conan the Barbarian and James Bond.

So why does Trump claim to be inspired by her? The answer, surely, is that Rand lionises the alpha male capitalist entrepreneur, the man of action who towers over the little people and the pettifogging bureaucrats – and gets things done. As Jennifer Burns puts it: “For a long time, she has been beloved by disruptors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, people who see themselves as shaping the future, taking risky bets, moving out in front of everyone else, relying only on their own instincts, intuition and knowledge, and going against the grain.”

A barbarian is a human who is perceived to be either uncivilized or primitive. The designation is usually applied as generalization based on a popular stereotype; barbarians can be any member of a nation judged by some to be less civilized or orderly (such as a tribal society), but may also be part of a certain “primitive” cultural group (such as nomads) or social class (such as bandits) both within and outside one’s own nation. Alternatively, they may instead be admired and romanticised as noble savages. In idiomatic or figurative usage, a “barbarian” may also be an individual reference to a brutal, cruel, warlike, and insensitive person.[1]

The term originates from the Greek: βάρβαρος (barbaros pl. βάρβαροι barbaroi), which in turn originates from the languages of early Anatolian nations that were heard by the Greeks as “bar… bar…” In Ancient Greece, the Greeks used the term towards those who didn’t speak Greek and follow classical Greek customs.[2] In the early modern period and sometimes later, the Byzantine Greeks used it for the Turks, in a clearly pejorative manner.[3][4] In Ancient Rome, the Romans used the term towards non-Romans such as the Germanics, Celts, Gauls, Iberians, Thracians, Illyrians, Berbers, Parthians, and Sarmatians.

Voracious reading, along with a natural talent for prose writing and the encouragement of teachers, created in Howard an interest in becoming a professional writer.[10][18] From the age of nine he began writing stories, mostly tales of historical fiction centering on Vikings, Arabs, battles, and bloodshed.[19][20] One by one he discovered the authors who would influence his later work: Jack London and his stories of reincarnation and past lives, most notably The Star Rover (1915); Rudyard Kipling‘s tales of subcontinent adventure and his chanting, shamanic verse; the classic mythological tales collected by Thomas Bulfinch. Howard was considered by friends to be eidetic, and astounded them with his ability to memorize lengthy reams of poetry with ease after one or two readings.[10][21][22]

Robert Ervin Howard (January 22, 1906 – June 11, 1936) was an American author who wrote pulp fiction in a diverse range of genres. He is well known for his character Conan the Barbarian and is regarded as the father of the sword and sorcery subgenre.

Howard was born and raised in Texas. He spent most of his life in the town of Cross Plains, with some time spent in nearby Brownwood. A bookish and intellectual child, he was also a fan of boxing and spent some time in his late teens bodybuilding, eventually taking up amateur boxing. From the age of nine he dreamed of becoming a writer of adventure fiction but did not have real success until he was 23. Thereafter, until his death by suicide at age 30, Howard’s writings were published in a wide selection of magazines, journals, and newspapers, and he became proficient in several subgenres. His greatest success occurred after his death.

Although a Conan novel was nearly published in 1934, Howard’s stories were never collected during his lifetime. The main outlet for his stories was Weird Tales, where Howard created Conan the Barbarian. With Conan and his other heroes, Howard helped fashion the genre now known as sword and sorcery, spawning many imitators and giving him a large influence in the fantasy field. Howard remains a highly read author, with his best works still reprinted.

Howard’s suicide and the circumstances surrounding it have led to speculation about his mental health. His mother had been ill with tuberculosis his entire life, and upon learning she had entered a coma from which she was not expected to wake, he walked out to his car and shot himself in the head.

Black Mask Authors



This extremely rare photo of the first west coast Black Mask get-together on January 11, 1936 captures possibly the only meeting of several of these authors.

Pictured in the back row, from left to right, are Raymond J. Moffatt, Raymond Chandler, Herbert Stinson, Dwight Babcock, Eric Taylor and Dashiell Hammett. In the front row, again from left to right, are Arthur Barnes (?), John K. Butler, W. T. Ballard, Horace McCoy and Norbert Davis.

Rosemary told me her father, Royal Rosamond, used to sail to the Channel Islands and camp with his friend, Dashiell Hammett who is seen standing on the right in the photo above.

Aunt Lillian told me she would fall asleep listening to Royal and Erle Stanley Gardner on the typewriter in the living room. Royal was Gardner’s teacher and a member of the Black Mask. I believe I can almost recoginize Black Mask authors under the tree on Santa Cruz Island sitting under a tree with my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, who does not look very happy as she embraces a black dog. Who is that woman? Is she a writer? She looks a bit crazed, as does the guy holding a gun. Is Mary hearing some far-out and weird ideas around the campfire?

When I was fifteen Rosemary showed me about six magazines wherein her father’s stories appeared. There were several mysteries. I am going to send the camping photo to some experts. That looks like Raymond Chandler in front of the tent. Is he the guy packing heat?

Hammett wrote the Maltese Falcon that begins with a story about the Knight Templars. Was this a tale passed around the campfire on Santa Cruz Island?

Jon Presco

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