Comrade Peter Grotticelli

What Kim Hafner created here at McKenzie Meadows, is The Kimbo Tribe. She is doing a rendition of ‘Lord of the Flies . Tribalism is on the rise. The Loner is hunted down – and demonized!

Rosamond Press

Peter Grotticelli got arrested with Belle Burch, her lover, and Alley Valkyrie. Peter is a devout Communist-Marxist. That’s Peter wearing a Duck tee-shirt. He is with his comrades playing shovel the snow out of Leningrad. Belle, and her comrades tried to recruit me. They want my newspaper, this blog, in their Marxist Camp. When they failed, they resorted to Political Terrorism. Alley and Butina look alike. There was a large sum of money and covert fund raising.

I will call the FBI tomorrow, and have then check out that fake abuser site. How many men did The Comrades EXTORT money from – for the cause! Belle meets with them alone. The next day Alley calls and makes a “threat”. She actually used that word. What a moron!

Here is a pic of Belle with Peter just before their arrest. They did not like me writing about this, or, digging deeper…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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