Did Daryl Bulkley Know Where Heather Was?

Here is my cousin Dayrl Bulkley who I never met. My sister Vicki cuts her off because she sees what she is up to. Her late brother’s family cuts her off. Daryl goes after my daughter and grandson. I don’t need another enemy, another OUTSIDER PARASITE. Pierrot has hired a ghost writer and had sold a Rosamond script to the director of ‘The Scent of a Woman’. Outsiders disapeared Christine’s autobiogrpahy. After I undfriened Daryl, she sent her daughter to spy on me. Kimberly Bulkley was my facebook friend for a year, and not one did she respond to me. When I asked if anyone is authoring a book, she unfriended me. Daryl had her brother disbarred. He worked for my father, and knew Larry Chazen was Vic’s private lender. Chazen is a Getty family advisor. This is where we are going. Danny Boyle is going to be drug into The Rosamond Chaos. “Hello Jon,
Thank you. I would love to have a word with Heather and Tyler, who is her little boy? Timothy is not giving any information on cause of death; perhaps he will get back to me.
Bill was a sweet baby, and grown up, he always maintained a good natured disposition, and I like to remember that, because there was so much that went wrong with him. I am not proud of him, and did not like the manner in which he and his wife, Rose raised their two children. However, they were not mean to Tim or Pamela, just simply neglectful. I believe that taking light drugs was the cause of much disorder in his life. He was never a successful lawyer, and my mother financially always supported him right up to the time she died.
I am sorry that Vicki terminated her conversations with me. Does she e-mail you?
You seem much happier. If you have moved please update me with your address and telephone number. Once you mentioned the one spot in Piedmont left for a Broderick. Have you looked into it? Maybe someone should follow-up and see if it is still there for someone. Not me. I am organised here In Washington, and it is all paid for. With K out of the country, I am, even dead, on my own, so all I hope will fall into place smoothly when I am gone.

Thanks. Does Tyler have a father? I would like to see ‘enter’ into this family cluster, one, responsible,. stable male! They seem to be far and in between!
Christine died 1994, and her gallery manager who I assume is executer is having one more last sale of her work, gliclee medium priced $400.
Sandy, Bill’s second wife, telephoned me last night, and she is mailing some of my personal possessions, evidently some LPs and some drawings. I won’t get into it, but both he and my mother took my belongings stored at the Moraga house when I was traveling. She was his enabler all through his life. Sandy told me he had prostate cancer, and although he had health insurance, did not go in for a check-up, and it was too late to arrest the cancer. Sad story, but consistent with my brother’s lax habits.
I believe it was you that told me of the Piedmont mausoleum where the Brodericks are stored. It was in one of your rants, where it seems you thought it should be yours, and I assured you I had no interest in that as my resting spot, so to speak.
I think you should try and make it up with Vicki. You may have ranted once too much to her, and she has cut you off. You must be on some anti-psychotic medication, because at times you were definitely very psychotic.
Please do not take this in a very personal way, as I simply see that it is a health problem, so It makes me very pleased to have a pleasant e-mail from you. I doubt that you remember any of these episodes of explosive anger directed at me, and probably at Mark, and at Vicki. We alll have our faults, but we do share some genes. You have only one life on this planet, and it is short, why waste energy being bitter, being angry, being aggressive toward those who share many character aspects that you and I have. In one e-mail you even directed your ire toward Heather, whom I know you love, and adore, and most pleased to know you have a daughter!! Please keep in touch with your medical family, so that your kin will not fear you!
Much Love,

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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