Kimberly Bulkley and Broderick Dynasty

If Kim Hafner was Heather’s facebook friend, then she could have had conversations with Kimberly Bulkley and Daryl Bulkley who stalked me – and my family! There was a ongoing family feud that put Daryl’s mother out in the cold. With the death of Christine and Bill Broderick, Kimberly and her mother see an opening. Kimberely has no children, and may never have children. Bill has one son, who appears to have a son. The Broderick gene continues. However, if Daryl can get Vic Presco’s granddaughter in their camp, then, everything falls upon my grandson (Vic’s great grandson) who Bill Cornwell wanted as a surrogate son, because his Tea Party Seed – is dead! This is why Bill wanted me – dead! Kimberely is not pretty. She has a birthmark on her face. Is this the Broderick Curse? Game of Thrones – is fiction.

The two Kims are getting way more attention than they deserve – as planned. These are not writers, poet, artists, spiritual people. These are demented people who are addicted to the ide of ‘Family’. They believe in the Holy Trinity………..Family, Money, Religion. What I had to look at after Christine’s death in 1994, was that we are a ‘Crime Family’. Andrew Cuomo of HUD was accusing Larry Chazen of of Preditory Loan Practices. Danny Boyle would be interested in this – STUFF!

Below is Daryl’s response to n e-mail I sent her connecting her brother to Larry Chazen. Her response is – A COVERUP! There was tax evasion going on. I will see if I can get a copy of the IRS investigation. Tom Snyder was told to make a world famous artist appear insane. Many artistes and writers suffer from mental illness. In taking over their legacies, Mental Illness is used as a Devious Tool. Kim Hafner helped estranged members of my family, employ that tool? She helped in…………The Coverup! Was she made an offer?

I suspect Kimberly Bulkley is writing a biography about my family. She wants to own us with a keyboard. Is she a Lesbian? Her womb is dried up, no good! She stalked me. She is a Ugly Troll! My response to Daryl telling me she was not interested in “the convoluted lives of Christine” I sent this message to her………

“Fuck you!”

For this she calls me a psychotic. How like my neighbor, Kathy, who wormed her way into Christine and my story, too. Relationships with neighbors are important in depicting how creative people – are creative people. The ‘Little People’ matter! How can these Trolls,  complain. They are getting their fifteen minutes of fame. Attempts to destroy our books is a key factor. These are…………Savages! Sir Richard Burton fared better in his search for the Nile. I am attacked by ignorant grunts when I emerge from my Springfield Appartment. These attacks come from Heather, Dayrl, and Kimberley. They have my grandson. They turned my gifted grandson into a Thug – in a bar – to spite me. This is right out of a Fairytale! I titled Tyler Hunt,  a Foundling. He is a Changeling. The Evil Ones use him to change their lives, their ill fates.

When my sixteen year old daughter was alas introduced to me by Witch Patrice, I told them outsiders are going after a movie, via their biography they are writing. WE will prevail, because Christine drowned on her fist sober birthday. We are brothers and sisters in AA. This truth is the only way out of the chaos and madness. They didn’t buy it. They, and the Witches of Thorns, wanted me to take another drink, ingest more poisoner, and die! How I remained sober since 2000, is a real miracle!

Not once did my Daughter-Trustee call me up and say…..

“Happy Sober Birthday, Dad!”

When my uncle Vinnie left me and 8 members of my family and inheritance, I was in deep shit. I would loose all my benefits and medical while struggling with prostate cancer.  Heather and Bill tried to get members of my family to invest in a Bar&Grill. They are the Insane Ones! All four Presco children struggled with alcoholism, and got sober. Christine died sober – and sane! I will now go through Snyder’s book and make a youtube video of each defaming and slanderous remark that the outsiders offered as proof why they should have been sold the Rosamond Family Legacy.

Head’s will roll!

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018

Witch Daryl pretends she has no interest in Rosamond’s creative legacy, and like many other, they go after my child and grandchild who were supposed to be my reward for many years of being clean and sober. Daryl wants Heather to wipe her slate clean, give her a fresh start at having a family who adores her. The idea of Heather adoring me, fills her with a jealous rage. Here she is ragging on her late brother. She wants to get Heather away from Christine, too. They both believe they are the only sane and healthy ones. She had her brother disbarred. She refuses to believe OUTSIDERS are creating all the chaos and divisions, because, she is an outsider who preys on my offspring in hope they can right Daryl’s childhood wounds, and make her life work for her – alas! This is child abuse!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Oh Jon,
For heavens sake.  I have little, personal interest in the convoluted lives of Christine.  I do think it was a shame that her children did not receive any of the benefits of her artistic career, but I really am not involved with all their machinations.  I don’t understand your accusing Vicki about lying, and you have lost me there.  Poor Bill had was an incompetent lawyer, and he was not loyal to the profession.  I do not know whether it was alcohol or drugs, but he committed numerous violations against the ‘public’.  The only time I have interfered in my relative’s affairs, was when I received from the California Bar all the documents concerning his misdemeanors.  At that time the California Bar Association was under the scrutiny of then Gov. Wilson, who was so disgusted with their laxness regarding negligent lawyers, he threatened to shut the Bar down.  After I read all the damaging evidence, I was incensed too and picked up the phone and demanded that they disbar Bill, and that is how that happened.
Also, none of your family, except you, have been in contact with me.  Furthermore I would not be interested.  I only wish you all could get along with each other.  Good  and successful families help each other; sometimes they might not all agree but they stand for each other, and this is what makes successful families, but families at each other’s throats, kill off succeeding generations of becoming  successful and balanced in their lives.
As far as Christine and Garth’s very mixed up business life, I assume IRS did take their share of the assets, but I don’t know, and really do not care.  It is all water underneath the bridge.  It was a tragedy.  Actually no one would have gone to jail over the debt.  You are exaggerating as bit.
Hope you get better, and I am sorry that my e-mail upset you.  I am only trying to be honest with you.

Everyone, in some small sacred sanctuary of the self, is nuts. -Leo Rosten, author (1908-1997) 

From: John Ambrose <>
To: Daryl Bulkley <>
Sent: Fri, January 14, 2011 1:02:43 PM
Subject: Re: Bill Broderick

Rosamond’s fans will also be reading about a real Villian, Lawrence Chazen, Vic’s private lender and partner of the Pelosi and Getty family who Andrew Cuomo accused of Loan Sharking. Vic was convicted of taking a woman’s house in his loan shark business just before he died. Your brother was disbarred for losing a woman’s home.
Many famous artists suffer from mental illness. Chazen tried to become the Executor of my sister’s creative legacy, and failed because he was the No1. Creditor who I suspect backed

Patrice Hanson and I were engaged to get married when she disappeared herself and our child. I wanted Delpiano’s name removed from Heather’s birth certificate. Did Randy and Patrice get a blood test when they got married? Did they get married?

Vicki cut Daryl off. She knew what she was up to. In a e-mail she calls me “psychotic” the asks about Ryan Hunt’s mental well-being. She is conducting the insidious Broderick Family Sanity Hearing, they always emerging SANE, and clean as a whistle. I am beating the Parasites off with a ugly stick. No one remains sane when you got STALKERS going after famous people and their families. No one wants to know jack-shit about her and her lawless brother who told me he would like to fuck Christine. I wish this witch would just drop dead!

Read Tom Snyder’s evil book, and look at the number this total stranger does on Christine, Rosemary, and me. Vicki and Mark backed Pierrot’s ghost writer – and are praised! Daryl says we all share the same genes, and should try to get along. She puts down Christine magnificent achievement as a world famous Woman Artist who gave me credit for her success. WE are the INSANE ONES, who needed to be medicated. My daughter will apologize to me for lying about her aunt’s GIANT PEE STAIN that I am sure Daryl helped go away!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Here is Witch Daryl going after my grandson and daughter. She feels dead and abandoned because her daughter Kimberly has moved to Germany. We have never met, and started exchanging e-mails around 1999. She is looking a way to feed on the family chaos. My children look like easy pickens because I am a ranting maniac who needs to be medicated. I believe she began working her evil on Heather just after I gave her a way to contact her. She convinced Heather, and Tyler, I was insane. This is a real bloodsucking witch! Vicki got wise to what she was up to and cut her off.

Timothy is her nephew. Bill is her late brother. Daryl is convinced I am fighting over a burial plot, and will not take no for an answer. I am sure she offers Heather sanctuary from her refusal to apologize for calling me a parasite.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Hello Jon,

Thank you.  I would love to have a word with Heather and Tyler, who is her little boy?  Timothy is not giving any information on cause of death; perhaps he will get back to me.

Bill was a sweet baby, and grown up, he always maintained a good natured disposition, and I like to remember that, because there was so much that went wrong with him.  I am not proud of him, and did not like the manner in which he and his wife, Rose raised their two children.  However, they were not mean to Tim or Pamela, just simply neglectful.  I believe that taking light drugs was the cause of much disorder in his life.  He was never a successful lawyer, and my mother financially always supported him right up to the time she died.

I am sorry that Vicki terminated her conversations with me.  Does she e-mail you?

You seem much happier.  If you have moved please update me with your address and telephone number.  Once you mentioned the one spot in Piedmont left for a Broderick.  Have you looked into it?  Maybe someone should follow-up and see if it is still there for someone.  Not me.  I am organised here In Washington, and it is all paid for.  With K out of the country, I am, even dead, on my own, so all I hope will fall into place smoothly when I am gone.



Thanks.  Does Tyler have a father?  I would like to see ‘enter’ into this family cluster, one, responsible,. stable male!  They seem to be far and in between!

Christine died 1994, and her gallery manager who I assume is executer is having one more last sale of her work, gliclee medium priced $400.

Sandy, Bill’s second wife, telephoned me last night, and she is mailing some of my personal possessions, evidently some LPs and some drawings.  I won’t get into it, but both he and my mother took my belongings stored at the Moraga house when I was traveling.  She was his enabler all through his life.  Sandy told me he had prostate cancer, and although he had health insurance, did not go in for a check-up, and it was too late to arrest the cancer.  Sad story, but consistent with my brother’s lax habits.

I believe it was you that told me of the Piedmont mausoleum where the Brodericks are stored.  It was in one of your rants, where it seems you thought it should be yours, and I assured you I had no interest in that as my resting spot, so to speak.

I think you should try and make it up with Vicki.  You may have ranted once too much to her, and she has cut you off.  You must be on some anti-psychotic medication, because at times you were definitely very psychotic.

Please do not take this in a very personal way, as I simply see that it is a health problem, so It makes me very pleased to have a pleasant e-mail from you.  I doubt that you remember any of these episodes of explosive anger directed at me, and probably at Mark, and at Vicki.  We alll have our faults, but we do share some genes.  You have only one life on this planet, and it is short, why waste energy being bitter, being angry, being aggressive toward those who share many character aspects that you and I have.  In one e-mail you even directed your ire toward Heather, whom I know you love, and adore, and most pleased to know you have a daughter!!  Please keep in touch with your medical family, so that your kin will not fear you!

Much Love,


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