Will Ariadne Getty Sue Boyle?

Danny Boyle is directing a series about the Gettys who are in my family tree. Ian Fleming is in my rosy tree. Boyle was going to direct the new Bond movie. I am sitting in the catbird seat. I got to get some chapters to the right people.

John Presco 007



Rosamond Press

Aileen Getty had two sons that are Liz Taylor’s grandsons. Note the name Caspar Getty, brother of Talitha. There is a Pol.

Note the tacky black balloons floating above Larry Chazen’s head, representing the lingering death of Rosamond eight years later. Vicki Presco told me I sank their Titanic movie with ‘The Suede Jacket Lie’.

I have been orphaned by Movie Greed. Now I am suspicious of the date ‘Trust’ was conceived, March 9, 2016. Did they come upon this blog? That no Getty was consulted, is outrageous. The Rosamond movie deal was conceived in my sister’s home the day after she drowned. I was kept away from that meeting. Garth Benton sued Ann and Gordon Getty.

I hope the Gettys and their related families find a better and saner way to protect themselves. Our creative legacy is without equal, now that I add the Dutch Renaissance and the work…

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