Twyman and Valkyrie

Kim Hafner referred to my fight with the Downtown Wiccans as a fine example why I am “mentally deranged”. Kim made these accusations in public, at the bottom of our common stairwell. She brought down all the Dark Daughters upon my head, because she is a – DARK DAUGHTER!

I took on the Satanic Wiccans all by myself, and won! They read this blog and are holding a Wiccan Hex Circle to put a protective Dark Circle around their champion.

Anti-Capalist Pagan Primer

emily15 emily11ALV


I just found the Maypole these Wiccans dance around. It is a Pagan Tree with clenched fist! BINGO! This is why these Pagans broke away from OCCUPY and founded SLEEPS , who (Whoville) will one day come to sleep under this Tree of Pagan Hope! This is why Belle did not ask me to be one with them at the Wandering Goat – after seeing we were on the same path! Well, not quite! These Wiccans read my Biblical stuff, and not understanding any of it, they were dismayed.

They concluded their job was to separate my Pagan stuff from my Biblical stuff – for the sake of the Pagan Word Economy – that does not exist! That imaginary world was just planted in the ground. Emily Semple is their Jeanette Appleseed who may become the Pagan Council-Fairy of the whole goddamn downtown! They wanted a ZINE.

What this proves, their need to found a Pagan World, came before their faux care for the homeless! They used the homeless, who know nothing about the hidden agenda ‘The Twelve’ are inflicting on the non-Pagan world they want to see fail, and thus, be destroyed! This is why they brought all those lawsuits, and cost Eugene hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Alley Valkyrie read this, and went on the attack the next day! I anoint Belle the Goddess of the Birch Tree and Labyrinth. I have wondered if Alley threatened Belle. Now, I am almost certain of it.

Why hasn’t the Nightingale Public Advocacy Coalition announced their mission? How long have they planned to put a Pro-Pagan Anti-Capitalist candidate in office? All candidates are obligated to say what their platform is. The only reason they have been so covert, is, they want funding, backers, and voters – and they know if We the People knew they were Wiccans and Pagans – they would not GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!

Rosamond Press

It is no mistake that Tracy Twyman and Alley Valkyrie look alike, and are on the same path. Now Alley is in Rennes, the Land of Archetypes. Valkyries has trespassed onto something that was much greater than she. She has done much damage. I am descended from the Templar lineage that owned the Shroud of Turin.

In 1999 I invited Tracy to come to Eugene to try out for the Slug Queen. She said she’d love to come back, because she went to the UofO – if I paid her way! Here is one of her posts. We had plans or Belle and her Venus archetype. Alley got in the way. Bon voyage!

The trouble with spell-casting is, one has to know where the REFRESH key is. Most Wiccans and Warlocks avoid the idea of Eternal Life. Why? I have died, and, come back. I have seen the truth. I…

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