Dark Daughter and Aunt Pissed On Family Sobriety

Kim Hafner did me a huge favor, by revealing my daughter launched another attack on me. Her evil aunt took a giant piss in the back seat of the car I rented. I saw it when I returned the car. Bill had me sit up front to hide it. I told my sister Vici about it, and how I was hesitant to bring it up, because Heather can not do anything wrong. Three months later, when I confronted Heather and Bill about it, Bill said this to me;

“Maybe you peed in that seat but are too insane to recall.”

This alcoholic said this in front of my daughter on the phone. She had just called me a parasite, too, for being on SSI due to PTSD. For days, Kim took out Bill’s dick and pissed all over me in front of our neighbors. I told Bill I was going to drive down and kick his ass. This is the evidence used to prove I was insane, and made up the lie Linda is a Pissy Beer Drunk and can’t hold it in. This is why she couldn’t pick me up from te airport. There are no bathrooms out in the desert.

That was six years ago. I have not talked to my grandson. These evil drunken monsters took my beautiful grandson from me. Kim and the Hafners took away all chance of me seeing him ever again.

I will be going through Tom Snyder’s book again to point out the passages where Christine is depicted as a out of control drunk. Snyder destroyed the Rosamond brand and estate. The Hansons kept me from authoring my Recovery Novel because they hate AA. Heather’s uncle was a drunk too. Note the big pitchers of beer – that are empty! That drunken pig took a piss next to my six year old grandson who said this in front of me;

“Aunt Linda pissed her pants and made a funny joke.”


When my daughter came into my life I told her and her mother I was writing a Recovery Novel about my late sister and I, and, outsiders are writing a rival biography they hope will trump our sober story. When Heather was seventeen, she was disappeared from my life. I was filled with despair because our happy ending was gone. Then, Dark Daughter started posted drinking photos on her facebook.

“How do you like me now, Daddy! Bill gives me a big dick and a big bottle of beer in my mouth!”

I told her to take these images off her FB because she could get fired. Her and Bill mocked me, and treated me like a fool. These amateurs thought they invented drinking and fucking, and I was a old man prude! In my prime I would have drunken them under the table, had them begging for mercy. I’m wearing a tuxedo coat. My friend Peter Shapiro took this pic. He was lead guitar for the Loading Zone. We lived together in a big Victorian in Downtown Oakland. I partied non-stop for twenty years! Never dreamed I would be a father. It is the worst thing that ever happened to me. Being a grandfather, is another story. I love Tyler Hunt.

John Presco


Linda Comstock – Gold Digger

On the way back to Las Vegas my grandson, Tyler Hunt, said this;“Aunt Linda peed her pants and made a funny joke.”

This was in response to my daughter, Heather Hanson, saying;

“Linda was very pleased with Tyler and wants Bill and I to bring her a baby girl next time we come.”

What Heather is saying, is, Linda wants my daughter and Bill Cornwell to have durnken sexual intercourse out of wedlock and born a baby girl for rich aunt Linda who made this un-married couple a business offer. Five months later Bill called me up and said;

“I’m a traditional kind of guy.”

Hmmm! This is not quite; “I want your daughter’s hand in marriage. We want children. We want to make you a grandfather.”

I assume telling me Linda wants another baby to go with my grandson, is to let me know they are engaged to get married, and, aren’t i lucky to be the grandfather of another child, a girl-child no less, because this is what rich aunt Linda wants and thus, deserves, because she has no children or grandchildren, and never will.

I never got to know Linda while I was in Bullhead City, like Bill did, because I am not a drinking man. Heather and her mother used the title ‘Gold Digger’ to describe how Linda came to own a whole lot of money. She married a wealthy retired attorney in his seventies when she was in her forties. Was he too old to sire children? Why didn’t Linda have a child before she married the old codger. Heather showed me pictures of their dogs and said Linda said these were their children.

When Heather got pregnant by Ryan Hunt, Linda wanted Heather to get an abortion. She hated Ryan. She believed he was not good enough for her niece. They had a falling out that lasted years. This is why Linda did not meet Ryan’s son until he was six, going on seven. Linda never met me, Tyler’s grandfather, whom she knew was sober. This is to say she was not on good footing with Tyler’s father and grandfather. She had to fear my sober opinion of her when we met – alas – because this woman is a polished consumer of alcoholic beverages. ‘Happy Hour’ is her middle name.

At Linda’s home, wondering why there was giant Buddhist shrine in the middle of her living room, I asked my daughter if I could see photos of her in Linda’s albums. She brought out two of them. Linda ‘Happy Hour’ was the center of attention at many narcissistic gatherings where everyone held a cocktail glass in their hand. If Bugsy Berkley were alive and looking for a theme for his new movie here it was – HAPPY HOUR!

HAPPY HOUR is about a group of San Diego Republicans who band together and swear an oath that even though the world economy has collapsed due to subprime greed, they will not demonstrate the worse for wear as one by one they fall into poverty. They will pretend they are still in the money!

“Hold high your little cocktail weenies, girls and let the world hear the chinking of your matiricni glasses as we salute the good ol Gold digging Days!”

Two weeks before we left to see the aunts in Bullhead City, Heather told me this;

“I’m lowering mu expectations, Dad. I no longer want to be a world famous singer. I want to sing in small clubs.”

I knew this remark had something to do with her new boyfriend, Bill Cornwell, who made my daughter his Money Go Getter, it her job to find sponsors for his race car that my grandson loves. I’m sure aunt Linda was the first person to hit-up for money, because Linda was left a load of what it takes to get along when her aged hubby died. Linda knowing a fellow Gold Digger when she saw one, saw an opportunity to bond my daughter to her – for life! Because you can not take it with you, Linda only had Heather to look at as her Heir. She could leave it to her dogs, but, why not get some power over others while still alive. I mean, what is money for?

When Bill called me five months later he alas filled me in on the plan. He told me he and Heather were going to open a Bar & Grill. I believe this idea is Linda’s idea. Heather told me she wanted to move to Bullhead City, but, Ryan is against it because he would not be able to see his son that much. add to this the real possibility I would not approve of my daughter going into business with Big Drinkers, because, this could be a partnership made in hell. For this reason I was not told THE MAIN REASON WHY Bill and Heather were going to Bullhead city. Did Linda tell my daughter to keep it a secret? Did Linda understand having mu daughter keep a big secret from me about a family matter would empower he over me in a destructive way? Linda was also employing a big carrot on a stick. Bill and Heather were hungry for money! What was in the way was my twenty five years of sobriety and the love between I and my grandson. Bill and Linda understood my daughter did not love me, because it only took a hint of money for her to betray me, work with these strangers to undermine me and my trip to Bullhead City to save my family, and unite both families. The only plan Linda made for me, was to babysit Tyler at the Avi while THE PARTNERS got drunk in a bar and discussed bar business.

When Bill drove into my sister’s driveway, he had a secret plan on how to hide the giant pee-stain in the back seat where I traditionally sat on this trip. When I left my sister’s home and went to get in the back, Bill blocked me while he opened the front door, saying;

It’s time for you to sit up front and be honored!”

Bill had treated me like he didnt want me along on this trip that Vicki Presco paid for, and I have video on my phone to prove it. Why the sudden change of heart. I told Bill in makin plans for this trip that he would drive us back to Vegas. Bill said;

“The reason I am not driving is because I have a warrant in Nevada for speeding.”

After I dropped Bill, Heather, and Tyler off at their terminal and returned the rental, I notice the giant pee-stain in the seat Bill sat in on the way to Vegas. As soon as I post this, I will be calling the Nevada State Troopers to see if there is a warrant. I will also being calling Southwest airline to see if my daughter changed her ticket days before she left for our Family Reunion.

As for Tyler, I will ask a California Court if I can communicate and visit my grandson through his father who can be questioned as to what other secrets Heather the ‘Gold Digger’ has been manufacturing behind my back. I have posted on Family Secrets before.

Need I say a Gold Digger is a “parasite” as is her lover who lives off the money left the Gold Digger by her late husband.

The photos were taken of L

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Gold Digger

A woman who manipulates men to benifit from their labor, skills, or money without compensation. Often highly narcistic exhibiting little compassion and thankfulness.

a person, usually a woman, who marries for money.

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