Chas Cunningham – Chief Cyber Bully


The number one Intelligence Crisis in the Free World, is Cyber Bullying by Russian Army Officers, and, what does the Fearless Leader of Absolutely Bond engage in, and encourage other to join in? Should Chas Cunningham be stripped of his Nazi-like brown shirt, the neck of his axe broken in twain, and he drummed out of the core – with conga drums? Melania launched her mission against Cyber Bullying that is also – surreal!

Here is one of the epitaphs posted by those who joined Barbel’s censorship of me – with humiliation.

Blofeld: Let his death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one.

The other one is about “skewered”

Another rude bloke, who kicks the dead man on the ground, said;

“I don’t mind who they pick as long as Presco is not writing the screenplay.”

This, demon then talks about trying to google me, and, Prescott comes up. There is mention of “egg on face”.

As I have pointed out, my Bond book is writing itself, along with other writing. One of my villains is writing his own script. With the revelation my ancestor knew John Dee and his use of 007, we have entered a dimension I have already discussed. I will explore the same dimension Dee pioneered to get to the real Bad Man. Barbel is a Dummy.

“Life immitates art.”

Chas has chosen to enter a dimension he will never return from. He fucked with the wrong women. There are no rules against posting off topic that will get you banned. Chas could not lead me to a topic for those related to Ian Fleming, because it does not exist. Why? My brother was a bully.

There was another bright meteor a few days ago.

I will be signing all that I write, thus;

John Presco 007

This form of my name is Copyrighted

“In today’s global society, social media is an inevitable part of our children’s daily lives,” Mrs. Trump said, reading from prepared remarks. “It can be used in many positive ways, but can also be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly.”

The first lady has stuck with cyberbullying prevention as a signature issue despite Mr. Trump’s combative posture on Twitter — he has attacked at least 487 people, companies or institutions since declaring his candidacy for the presidency. His targets have ranged from the department store Macy’s to Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

Shortly before Mrs. Trump departed the White House for the meeting in Maryland, Mr. Trump attacked the “disgraced and discredited” Mr. Mueller and “his whole group of Angry Democrat Thugs” for extensively interviewing Donald F. McGahn II, the White House counsel.


Bond and Vesper are conversing and during the conversation Vesper asks Bond “you’re good at reading people” he confidently answers by saying “Yes I am” without realizing what he is going to get back from vesper.

Bond tries to prove his point by reading her,

He praises her sarcastically, tells her she is aggressive and as a result she also exhibits an offensive behavior which might be due to her insecurities but usually mistaken as arrogance by her male superiors. He also tells her that she should have been a Orphan as she tried to avoid the quip about her parents.

He sighs and beams with satisfaction but Vesper has different ideas, she turns the tables by sharply criticizing Bond in return by reading his life,

She calls him an Orphan, someone who studies under charity, almost calls him a cold hearted bastard and one who uses women as disposals instead of meaningful pursuits and finishes by saying, “Charming as you are Mr. Bond, I will be keeping my eye on a governments money and off your perfectly formed arse” still giving him slight cues.

She feels a sense of verbal victory over Bond and asks him,

“How was your Lamb”

to which bond replies by stressing hard “SSSkewered, one sympathises” which is a pun or wordplay meaning both “to have pierced with a sharp pin or Skewer” and also “subjected to sharp criticism” and Bond clearly accepts defeat that one will sympathize with his situation. A complete wordplay

Barbel – CAPTURED!

Got him!

His name is Chas Cunningham. I was able to get back on Absolutely James Bond, and read his parting shot – when my back was turned! I saw his picture, and clicked on his “website” that took me to his band. Skunnered, who has seen its better days. Chas has brought very bad press down upon all their heads, because, they all know who they got in their midst! I assume they all belong to Ches’ domain.

My last post talked about young women liking horse movies and mentioned National Velvet “starring a British subject”. I suggested the model and actress Paris Jackson be in the next Bond movie. I gave a link to her singing a song.

Then, he came home, my drunken, red-faced father, he stuffed to the gills on good food, his gut sloshing about with gallons of beer. I think Ches wears a brown shirt cuz it doesn’t have to be washed as much as a white shirt. You can ignore the food&booze stains for a week. He used the King’s speech on me:

“Presco. It would perhaps be more seemly if you leave us.”

You got that one right! Chas is not Bond material. He sullies the Bond name and the fan club he trolls in. He and Trump are pinched from the same dark-brown turd that has been coming out of the Devils since God banished Adam and Eve.

I then went in search of Paris’ song – that she wrote! I wondered if she wrote a poem. I found a list of her favorite music. The future is in good hands. Paris is the world’s Real Bond. She represents that which is good in us all. She struggles to make us all better people as she struggles to carry the gauntlet her father gave her. Fame is fleeting. The bad press has depicted her as barely able to speak – and tell time!

It’s time for humanity to move on. The day of the scunnered man, is having it’s last gasp. Chas and Trump can go hang at the President’s golf course in Scotland and throw rocks down on the rabble with the torches and pitchforks.

John Presco

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    When I was watching ‘Killing Eve’ for the first time, Chas Cunningham popped into my mind. He slimed Victoria and Miram when I introduce them on his James Bond Fan Club. He will pay a heavy price for censoring Miriam. She will never forget, or forgive!

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