Graham’s Fake Prayer and Trump’s Fake News Conference

NOTE! I just responded to an good e-mail from Eric Nicholaisen, about the mural. Eric pointed out there is a Odd Fellow pamphlet, and, Nancy gets an indirect mention via the concert to save the Creamery. However, the name NANCY – a famous brand name – does not appear. Consider the brand, Harley Davidson, and what it is going through with tariffs. Products make and break a town. I do not see Eric and his company as a threat. Indeed, I talked myself into keeping the quote from Job.

Opinions are our most precious commodity. Ken was a shit-disturber! He held a Acid Test in the Hell’s Angel’s bar in Oakland California. He hung with them, and partied with them. I put Ken and Tom Wolfe in the Oaks Motel, where the really tough writers go after they die. To see POTUS on a stage with his family (who know better) declaring stacks of blank paper have writing on it, was a huge blow to every writer in the world, even Christian Authors. The Boston Globe has declared a State of Emergency for Journalists and Journalism. We are all in danger of losing our sense of humor. Last night, in a dream, I lost mine. I was rendered a lifeless sack of lard that could no longer – WAKE UP!

If Ken was alive, how would he respond to this call?

“So far, the Globe claims, at least 70 outlets have agreed to participate. “We are not the enemy of the people,’’ said Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor of the Boston Globe editorial page and the organizer of the campaign.

Pritchard said the campaign is designed to educate the public on the dangers presented by Trump’s denunciations of “fake news.”

The Globe is calling on opinion writers that staff newspaper editorial boards to produce independent opinion pieces about the Trump’s media attacks. The participants range from large daily newspapers to small weekly outlets.

Boston Globe Organizing Editorial Boards For United Trump Pushback

Wolfe Checks In – To The Oaks Motel

“Let’s pray for your governor, Gov. Brown. Wouldn’t it be something if she got saved? Amen,” Graham said, the Portland weekly reported. “We pray for Kate Brown. And Lord, I pray that she would come to know your son Jesus Christ as her lord and savior one day.”

PORTLAND – After a series of hostile threats this year, state officials have increased Gov. Kate Brown’s security detail.

Security has been tightened in the wake of the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and threats the governor has received since calling for tighter gun laws, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

While not all security measures have been shared, some are visible, such as the additional member of the Dignitary Protection Unit. Brown’s office has also increased its unwillingness to release her public calendars in advance.


Response From Peter DeFazio


My Congressman replied to my concern, that the untitled folders Trump and his family presented to the Press and the American People, contain blank pieces of paper that are supposed to be proof the Trumps are no longer doing business that conflicts with serving the people.

I have been reporting for years many church leaders are encouraging their flocks to register as Republicans and vote the Republican ticket. Here is the hateful truth from the mouth of Demon Graham who suggests, if Christians voted, they would not vote for Democrats, not vote for “The enemy”.

Outrageous! Was Graham aware of the death threats Brown was getting? God sent one man against His enemies! My kindred, John Fremont was the first Republican Presidential Candidate. He helped secure the Oregon Territory from Britain. He was the first to emancipate slaves. He and his Radical Republicans kicked Confederate butt, and put black men in Congress down South. Get the hell out of my families party, Franklin! Stay out of Oregon!

“If the church went to the polls and voted, you could turn this state around,” Graham told the crowd at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. “The enemy out there thinks the church is asleep.”

In the next three days I am going to send an e-mail to Craig Ferroggiaro, informing him I am going to paint a message of gratitude over their religious message they put in the lower right-hand corner of the Ken Kesey mural. This is the place an artist usual applies their signature. I took this to mean the creators of this mural are Christians. They told me they are. I will not ask them to change it. I was told my friend Nancy would be in this mural. She is not. Here is the NEW&IMPROVED message;

Thanks to the Odd Fellows and Nancy Hamren for her grandmother’s yogurt recipe.

During the presentation of Ken’s mural, I went upstairs to the Oddfellow’s hall, looked out that window by Ken’s elbow, and saw Mayor Christine Lundberg giving a speech. the Odd Fellows own the building the mural is on.

“Has any member of the Kesey family, or, the Mayor, or, anyone from her office, come up here?” I asked of the thirtty people standing there.


How rude!

Above is a photograph of my daughter and grandson in the tomb of my ancestors who wer evicted from their graves. Part of the Oddfellow ritual was for the families of the deceased to come spend Sunday afternoon with their loved ones. They didn’t want them to be lonely. Luckily Dr, William Stuttmeister was wealthy, and purchased a beautiful crypt for about seven of my kindred. Many kindred were not found, and the dead were put in a mass grave. Their headstones were used as seawalls, and……….GUTTERS!

Respecting the belief system of others in Oregon is a big topic because our Governor was FORCED TO DEFEND HER BELIEF. As long as the Master Augur is alive, this will not happen again. Pilate was a Master Augur.

Jesus before Pilate

23 Then the whole body of them got up and brought Him before Pilate. And they began to accuse Him, saying, “We found this man misleading our nation and forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar, and saying that He Himself is [a]Christ, a King.” So Pilate asked Him, saying, “Are You the King of the Jews?” And He answered him and said, It is as you say.”

When I first moved to Oregon, my kindred Diane Frye Dundon, gave me this advice on how to get along with Orgonians. She is four generations Fynn Rock;

“Don’t be rude!”

Three days ago Franklin Graham came to Oregon and shot his mouth off. He was very rude to Governor Brown. First off, he pretended to care for her, as a Christian. He was rude and fake as can be! Let me give this foul-mouthed outsider a Bible lesson. St. Paul bids Cristians to pray for authorites, and people in high positions because God has ordained government. Christians are not supposed to be involved in Government, which means, politics – Graham’s specialty!

1 Timothy 2:1-4 

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

In the previous verse Paul said that we should give thanks for all men, and here he connects the thought with those who are in authority over us. We should give thanks for those who are in authority, because God has ordained government in society to keep order (Romans 13:1-7).

Paul, and perhaps God, were supposed to be about building a church. There are many churches in America. If you CHOOSE to sit in a pew, you will find a Bible nearby. The public streets of Springfield Oregon, is not a church. Almost everyone who looks at a work of art, is going to move their eyes down to the lower right corner.

“Why did the artist who designed the Kesey mural put these Biblical words where the signature of the artist traditionally go?

Yet man is born to trouble
    as surely as sparks fly upward.

This passage is followed by this one;

 But if I were you, I would appeal to God;
    I would lay my cause before him.

I am going to write Franklin Graham a letter informing him that he best get the blessing of the Master Augur of Oregon, before he comes here again. I hereby demand he appolgise to Governor Brown for being RUDE, or, he is not welcome here. When Paul was in Rome, the authorites there were practing the religion of Augury. Jesus took on Pilate. Bring on your champion, Graham!

Below is my letter to my and Mayor Brown’s Congressman, Peter DeFazio wherein I point out the FAKE news conference Messiah Trump held with a pile of FAKE documents, which I believe the Presdient of the United States is referring to when he says FAKE news. The best defence I the best offence. I can’t believe mainstream media has not gotten back to this – FAKERY!

I suggested to Peter he help pass a law that would forbid the POTUS from forming a motor cycle gang.

“Because the Republicans put before our Lawmakers one frivolous Bill after another, may I suggest a Bill be introduced that forbid President Trump from forming a motorcycle club modeled after the Knight Wolves of Russia, who are considered Putin’s storm troopers. The leader of the Knight Wolves wants additions made to the Russia Coat of Arms that Putin installed, that contains a SERPENT and TWO-HEADED EAGLE!

“And the President will wear no colors of any motorcycle club lest it appear his intention is to ride hard all over the countryside, and with other lawless men, terrorize the good citizenry.”

How many Roman augurs converted to Christianity? How may Christian prophets disguised themselves as augurs? God chooses who will be His prophet. GOD! Get it! I think too many false prophets are disguising THEIR curses as prayers. This is disgusting in the eyes of God. Franklin is a sneaky little devil in suggesting Brown be converted, when he means – REPLACED! If Franklin comes to Oregon again, I insist he sit on a stack of Bibles, with the wires of a Lie Detectors stuck all over him, and be asked three questions”

  1. Do you believe Donald Trump is a Christian?
  2. Do you believe Sarah Palin is a Christian?
  3. Do you believe Putin is a Christian?

For sure, he would not pass my augur test! Do you see any black folks in front of our State house? Did Master Augur’s put curses on folks? I thought about putting a curse on Franklin Graham, but, realized someone beat me to it. This is a rabid political animal, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who counts converts like grains of chicken feed. Do you know it is a sin to count the Jews. Is it a sin to be a racist?

Folks have had it with this Fake Religious Rudeness! I will be informing Bikers For Trump, Bikers For Jesus, The Knight Wolves, Putin and his President that I will be painting over the words of God. They will still be there, but, you won’t be able to see them – just like God!

The Odd Fellows have nothing to do with augury. I might be the only practicing augur in the world, and, may own a special status, thanks to St. Paul and Pilate. Mark Anthony was a Master Augur. On July 27 I said I would box Franklin. If POTUS wants a piece of me, get his buddy, Don King, to get us a match in Madison Square Garden.

However, let’s look at those words again:

I think this message was put there by God – before Trump was elected. Say, do you think, this message of a premonition, a sign of things t come? What is that next passage?

But if I were you, I would appeal to God;
    I would lay my cause before him.

Wait a minute! Do you think God is already knocking the snot out of POTUS, who is blaming everyone around him for his sins, and, he just won’t fall to his knees?

I think Graham is Trump’s top advisor, and is near hysterical that HIS man is losing, just like His woman, Sarah Palin lost – in spite a thirty million prayers!

Am I, a reporter for my newspaper registered in Lane County, setting myself up to be a target? Perhaps I should shut up and mind my own business? I can read silent prayers. This is the oldest one on the book. Every high priest of every deity and sky-god knows it;

“Silence our enemies – oh Lord!………..If you fail to convert them.”

John Presco

The Master Augur of Oregon

I’d love to get in a ring with him – with boxing gloves! He condones the President committing act of ADULTERY, and hopes he does not get caught with his pants down, again! I declare the Christian Church – DEAD! God spit Graham and his followers – out of His mouth! We are a Nation of Laws. Graham is not God. He does not get to choose who is forgiven, and who is damned – for political reasons! He is a Liar for Satan, as Trump is a Liar for Satan who can’t believe how lucky he is to have a guy like Graham at ready to give him absolution. Putin has his Graham!

When President Donald Trump stood beside Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki in July and said, “I don’t see any reason why it would be” Russia who attempted to influence the 2016 election, the subsequent firestorm of criticism included liberals as well as prominent Republicans.

“I am a tea party conservative, that will never change. But Trump was a traitor to this country today,” tweeted prominent conservative and former congressman Joe Walsh.

But there was one group that kept uncharacteristically quiet: the president’s evangelical advisers.

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“Let’s pray for @POTUS @realDonaldTrump in these key meetings,” Franklin Graham, who heads his late father’s Billy Graham Evangelical Association, tweeted before the meeting. After Trump and Putin’s press conference, Graham declined to critique the president (who would later walk back his remarks), only praising him for “pursuing peace above politics.”

There are good reasons why some Christian right leaders are less than eager to address Trump’s attempts to warm relations between the U.S. and Russia. For years, American evangelicals have cultivated ties with Russia, highlighted by a 2015 meeting between Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, and Putin in Russia.

Those ties are now facing scrutiny as, the day that Graham tweeted, news broke that the Department of Justice had charged Mariia Butina, a Russian national, for allegedly lobbying without registering as a foreign agent with the U.S. government. Authorities claim religion was a part of her scheme: Among the channels she was attempting to exploit, according to her indictment, was the National Prayer Breakfast

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The evangelist Franklin Graham recently asked thousands of people at an Oregon rally to pray for the state’s Democratic governor, saying she should be a Christian.

Yoga and meditation suit Gov. Kate Brown just fine, she told reporters Thursday when asked if she follows a certain faith.

“I believe very much that each of us is a spiritual being, and that’s how I see the world,” Brown said, adding that she feels people should treat human beings with respect.

Brown, who is up for re-election in November, was specifically named by Graham at a sermon to more than 12,000 people near Portland on Sunday, Willamette Week reported.

“Let’s pray for your governor, Gov. Brown. Wouldn’t it be something if she got saved? Amen,” Graham said, the Portland weekly reported. “We pray for Kate Brown. And Lord, I pray that she would come to know your son Jesus Christ as her lord and savior one day.”

That’s right, Donald Trump and his alt-right fanbase are hardly the only Americans who deeply admire Vladimir Putin: He has a fairly large fan club among politically active U.S. Christian conservatives.

It includes some pretty big names, like conservative Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, National Organization for Marriage leader Brian Brown, and American Family Association spokesperson Bryan Fischer. In almost every case it has been his distinctive combination of homophobia and Islamophobia that has made Putin one of the Christian right’s favorite international figures. The cultural conservative preference for authoritarian Christian Slavs who are fighting Muslims has, as Beinart notes, carried over from the Serbs to their traditional sponsors in Moscow, and most especially to the former KGB officer who has revived Russia’s pre-communist tradition of militantly traditionalist Christianity.

Former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (L) greets a rider during thee May 29, 2011 “Rolling Thunder” Memorial Day weekend parade. Palin fueled speculation of a 2012 presidential run Sunday by launching a tour that is expected to bring the Republican rock star to the key early voting state New Hampshire. Palin participated in the annual “Rolling Thunder” Memorial Day holiday weekend rally in which tens of thousands of motorcyclists, many driving iconic Harley-Davidsons, ride through the nation’s capital to honor US war veterans. AFP Photo/Paul J. Richards (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Where the Tombstones Went

When the San Francisco cemeteries were moved, the bodies were transported for free, but survivors had to pay if they wanted to keep the tombstones. Many survivors couldn’t be found, and the majority of tombstones did not make the trip to Colma. Instead, they were sold for a few pennies each to be used in public works, says Svanevik.

Some lined the gutters, which you can still see, in San Francisco’s Buena Vista Park. Others were spread around the city.

“Priceless crypts, tombs and private mausoleums were unceremoniously dumped in San Francisco Bay to create breakwaters at Aquatic Park and Saint Francis yacht club,” wrote Svanevik and Burgett in “City of Souls.”

And discarded tombstones were used to build a seawall along the Great Highway. They still resurface from time to time, as they did in 2012 at Ocean Beach.

“Not only do religions like Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism — not only do they lead people away from the true God, they lead people to an eternity of separation from God in hell,” Mr. Jeffress said. “Hell is going to be filled with good religious people who have rejected the truth of Christ.”

According to the Biblical Archeology Society, “early Christians saw Pilate in a very different way. Augustine hailed Pilate as a convert. Eventually, certain churches, including the Greek Orthodox and Coptic faiths, named Pilate and his wife saints. And when Pilate first shows up in Christian art in the mid-fourth century, he is juxtaposed with Abraham, Daniel and other great believers.”

The ancient historian Eusebius supports this claim by saying Pilate converted after seeing the many wonders that occurred after Jesus’ death, even reporting it to Tiberius.

BEDMINSTER, N.J. — As rain dumped on his New Jersey golf club, President Donald Trump raged on Saturday, lashing out at his Justice Department on Twitter before welcoming members of a “Bikers for Trump” fan group to the manicured grounds.

Dozens and dozens of gleaming Harleys, Hondas and other motorcycles descended on the central New Jersey property for what had been billed as an outdoor photo-op with Trump. But pouring rain and flash-flood warnings scrambled the plan, sending soggy bikers inside a crystal-chandeliered club house ballroom, where Trump signed autographs and posed for selfies and his guests booed reporters.

It was a classic, chaotic Trump scene reminiscent of his ramshackle early campaign. The president was continuing an extended working vacation away from Washington.

The day began on Twitter at 8:36 a.m. with a broadside against the FBI, which Trump accused of stonewalling a public records request for former Deputy Attorney General Andrew McCabe’s text messages.

“What are they hiding?” the president asked, threatening that he “may have to get involved” personally in internal FBI business and warning, “DO NOT DESTROY.”

Trump appeared in a better mood when he greeted the bikers, who chanted “Four more years!” and “USA

Kesey Mural Passes Augur’s Test

litus9litus2 litus3 litus4 litus6 litus7 litus10

Work on the Ken Kesey mural in downtown Springfield came to a sudden halt while I registered the auspices of this grand undertaking. As Master Augur of the West Coast, I felt it was my civic duty to put Ken’s mural to the Augur’s Acid Test. I am happy to report this fine work of art passed with flying colors.

To: Congressman Peter de Fazio and Senator Ron Wyden

At his press conference, Donald Trump produced a stack of legal documents he would not let reporters see. He says the read, and signed, papers, turned his business over to his children who will get everything when he dies. Why not leave everything to the American People, now, and let his children make their own money, like most of us who don’t have a legacy? Many suspect there were blank pieces of paper inside. Is this a hoax?

I am asking my Congressman and Senator to put these documents in the public domain. There is a precedent for doing this, being Revolutionary War Veterans, and their Widows, had to submit papers to the United States Government, and, undergo questioning, in order to receive some of the first monies given by our Founding Fathers to our first citizens. This was the case of my kindred, Captain Samuel Rosamond, and his first wife, Ann Pressley, also spelled, Presley. There was even an instance where cash grants were given to families who were on the brink of starvation due to our desire to be free. Why not author a Trump Trust that goes to paying off the National Debt? Every three months Ivanka can recite how much debt has been paid by the Trump Dynasty. When Trump leaves office, he and his children would be free to make, and keep, as much money as they want.  Who knows, Obama might give Donald an award – before he takes office!

In looking at my family tree, and these records, we see slaves being left in the Wills of brave men who founded one of the strongest democracies the world has ever known, thus these chained men and women contributed to the financial strength of our nation’s first families. They took care of the children and property of these fighting men. I suggest that anyone who can produce evidence they were the property of these world famous Rebels, be compensated. I suggest the First Family to be, offer a Freedom Bounty to the grandchildren of slaves. This amount can be determined by our elected Lawmakers, or, by all members of the Trump family who subscribe to economic incentives – and higher education! A thousand dollars can go to school supplies.

Because Trump and Putin have a great interest in Coats of Arms, any slave descendant of a family who owned a Coat of Arms, will be awarded a special Freedom Coat of Arms that will contain the image of The Liberty Tree, along with their family name.

Because the Republicans put before our Lawmakers one frivolous Bill after another, may I suggest a Bill be introduced that forbid President Trump from forming a motorcycle club modeled after the Knight Wolves of Russia, who are considered Putin’s storm troopers. The leader of the Knight Wolves wants additions made to the Russia Coat of Arms that Putin installed, that contains a SERPENT and TWO-HEADED EAGLE!

“And the President will wear no colors of any motorcycle club lest it appear his intention is to ride hard all over the countryside, and with other lawless men, terrorize the good citizenry.”

Elvis Presley was kin to President Carter, and may be in my family tree, along with Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

John Presco

b. That we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence: We should pray for a government and rulers that would simply leave us alone and let us live as Christians.

i. Christians are to look for no special favors from the government. Our goal is a level playing field, unrestricted by state intervention.

ii. At the time Paul wrote this, Christianity was not yet an illegal religion in the Roman Empire and it was still considered a branch of Judaism. It was even more reasonable to believe that the Roman government might just leave Christians alone to live their faith.

Now, the editorial board of the Boston Globe is proposing that newspapers across the nation express their disdain for the president’s rhetoric on Aug. 16 with the best weapon they have: their collective voice.

The rally calls for the opinion writers that staff newspaper editorial boards to produce independent opinion pieces about Trump’s attacks on the media. So far, according to the Associated Press, 70 news organizations have agreed — from large metropolitan daily newspapers such as the Miami Herald and Denver Post to small weekly newspapers with four-digit circulation numbers.

The Globe’s appeal is limited to newspaper opinion writers, who operate independently from news reporters and editors. As The Post’s policy explains, the separation is intended to serve the reader, “who is entitled to the facts in the news columns and to opinions on the editorial and ‘op-ed’ pages.”‘not-the-enemy-of-the-people’-70-news-organizations-will-blast-trump’s-attack-on-the-media/ar-BBLNEnf?ocid=spartandhp

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a man known for wrestling bears while President Barack Obama is known for wearing mom jeans.

People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil,” Palin said to Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Monday night. “They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.”

Palin’s comments came just days after Obama was photographed in the Oval Office sporting denim during a 90-minute phone call with Putin.

(PHOTOS: Ukraine turmoil)

America is not a country that the rest of the world wants to emulate “because of Obama’s weak leadership, leading from behind,” Palin said. Other countries are taking advantage of America’s weakness, she added, caused by Obama’s failure to understand “peace through strength.”

“Anybody who carries the common-sense gene knows that Putin doesn’t change his stripes.”

Palin said not only did she correctly predict in 2008 that Russia would move into Ukraine, but she is right about the connection between energy and prosperity. Those countries like Russia that develop their natural resources can strengthen their military and influence in the world, she said, insisting that America needs to move forward on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Read more:

Does Prayer Work?

By:  Joel Lindsey

Prayer can be an ongoing conversation with God, but does it make any difference?

When we talk to God, we’re praying. When God talks to us, we’re schizophrenic.Lily Tomlin

The idea of talking to God—praying—is kind of weird, isn’t it?

Usually when you talk to someone, you can hear his or her response to you. But prayer is different. Prayer looks like you’re basically just talking to yourself.

How do you talk with someone who doesn’t necessarily talk back—audibly, at least? And if you believe that God not only listens to prayers but answers them too, how do you distinguish your own thoughts and feelings from God’s answers?

Then there’s the really big question: Does prayer even work?

What’s the point of praying if God already knows the future, orchestrates what’s going to happen, and knows what we need? And yet, billions of people all over the world practice some form of prayer. Why bother if it doesn’t make a difference?

Why Bother?

Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and adherents to many other religions share a common thread of prayer.

For instance, Buddhists believe not so much in praying to an external god but in praying to awaken their own abilities buried deep within. Muslims believe that their prayers, which are required five times a day, are a reminder of God and a calling to a greater purpose beyond themselves.

Christians, too, believe that prayer can powerfully change lives, that it should be practiced regularly, and that it can help us refocus our priorities. Christianity further teaches that prayer also has the ability to dramatically affect the world and influence how God chooses to interact with humanity.2

But how does that work? If God is a supreme, omnipotent being, won’t he work out his purposes however he wants? It seems unlikely that our measly little prayers would affect his plans.

Many Christians would describe it like this: In mysterious but sovereign ways, God has decided to allow prayer to influence and accomplish his will. He chose prayer as the means through which to involve his followers in his plan. Prayer is one way God accomplishes his purposes in, through, and surrounding the one who prays.

A Changed Heart

Many of us pray to God as if he were a genie in a bottle. We hope that, if we’re lucky, he’ll hear us and act according to our wishes.

However, many faiths, including Christianity, paint a deeper and more intimate portrait of prayer. Rather than using God as a means to an end, within prayer God is the end. The believer prays, trusting in the character and power of God.

One of the chief purposes of prayer, then, is to transform the heart of the person praying to more closely resemble the heart of God. It’s not so much about getting tangible “results” from God. It is rather an opportunity to know God more fully, to better understand what he wants of each of us, and to establish a lifelong relationship.

Prayer is a lifestyle of humble dependence, of living in community and harmony with God, the source of life.

Ask and It Will Be Given

This is not to say that there’s no place for making specific, personal requests for God’s direction and provision. In speaking to his disciples about prayer, Jesus said:

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!3

According to these verses, prayer is an opportunity to approach the greatest father of all time and openly express our needs and desires and directly ask for help.

But how could God, an entity massive enough to create the universe, really care about the little details of my tiny life?

This is the heart of the Christian message—God cares so deeply about each one of us that he has provided a way for us to have an authentic, intimate relationship with him. Prayer is one of the incredible blessings of the Christian faith, for the more we believe, the more God reveals himself.

Building Trust

Like anything worthwhile, prayer is a process. It takes time, commitment, and discipline.4 Prayer is not meant to happen only in times of desperation. It is meant to be an ongoing conversation.

And that’s where it gets fascinating. As someone invests in and becomes more comfortable with prayer, one of the ways in which it “works” is in the growing trust that person gains.

Praying people have reported miracles and answers to prayers that they never would have imagined and certainly couldn’t have created on their own. They believe that prayer made the difference.

Imagine a miracle that you would like to see—maybe the healing of sick relative, the repairing of a broken relationship, or the redeeming of a seemingly hopeless situation. Could prayer be your answer? Could miracles become your experience?

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