Graham’s Fake Prayer and Trump’s Fake News Conference

The name NANCY did not make it on the Kesey mural. The Springfield Augur is seeing things to come.

Rosamond Press

NOTE! I just responded to an good e-mail from Eric Nicholaisen, about the mural. Eric pointed out there is a Odd Fellow pamphlet, and, Nancy gets an indirect mention via the concert to save the Creamery. However, the name NANCY – a famous brand name – does not appear. Consider the brand, Harley Davidson, and what it is going through with tariffs. Products make and break a town. I do not see Eric and his company as a threat. Indeed, I talked myself into keeping the quote from Job.

Opinions are our most precious commodity. Ken was a shit-disturber! He held a Acid Test in the Hell’s Angel’s bar in Oakland California. He hung with them, and partied with them. I put Ken and Tom Wolfe in the Oaks Motel, where the really tough writers go after they die. To see POTUS on a stage with his family (who know…

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