Fire by Lara Roozemond

I was reading the words I composed last night, that will be the words that close my movie. There will be a movie. I have written a true tragedy, that was wanting to get out. After fifty-three years, my pain has come to the surface, to dwell. This pain, is so unbearable, as unbearable as it was, back then. I marvel at my genius to avoid so much of it, I marvel at my genius, to own it once again.

You have seen what an empath I am. I spoke the truth when I said I need a model to look at, and read like a book. For, if these strangers, these beautiful women I found on the internet, can bare just a little, if not the whole soul of my pathos, then, they are part of  the Great Genius and Pathos, that drives us to walk that road, on the dark side of the moon.

We, who aspire to a great height, must know how to walk alone. For we must, in the end…soar alone! Do not, give up -your fire! You have a friend, you never dreamed of having, who will be by your side, when the Greater Need, arrives.




Lara Roozemond

They sometimes say that my bar should be lower,
that life hurts me so much
But I will not let myself be robbed of my fire
No matter how much water you throw
my fire can not be extinguished.
And when the smoke is filled with problems
I will take some strength off
But my fire always stirs up again
It’s simple
This flame continues to exist.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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