Elizabeth Taylor vs. Donald Trump

It’s time to round up Republicans who convinced Bush W. to go to war in Iraq, and…….LOCK THEM UP! The Star Prophecy is coming true! According to witnesses, a man carrying a tool in a guitar case began the star’s latest obliteration around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, NBC Los Angeles reported.
“He was just, like, it was his business to be tearing up the ground,” witness Patricia Cox told CBS 2 News, adding that she thought it was a construction worker. “I didn’t think much of it. It’s Hollywood.”
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which administers the Hollywood Walk of Fame, said it plans to prosecute the vandal to the full extent of the law, something the chamber said it would do for any Walk of Fame star.

Rosamond Press

President Donald Trump ‘T.V. Star’ has successfully turned our Democracy into a T.V. Sitcom – and he knows it! When will the Democrats accept this truth? Trump has a loyal fan base who don’t care if he is a egregious liar and abuser of women, they just care that he is on their side. Trump is their Movie Star, their degenerate, and Game Show Host, who wants to his fans to WIN! He wants to put money in their pocket. This is the acme of Show Biz. For the price of a ticker, you get to rub shoulders with The Stars, or – ONE STAR!

Trump is American Royalty! The peons love him! He is their King Arthur and Holy Messiah. Elmer Gantry has nothing on Trump. At night, his beloved fans go to bed talking about the latest outrageous thing he did or said. Johnny Carson – is dead!…

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