The Beautiful South Has Awoken

President Trump has been talking about a Back to Work Project. What I suggest is a new Freedom Rider Program where poor and homeless whites are moved on to surplaus land in the South that they cultivate and distribute surplus food to poor Southerners. They can also form work teams to repair dwellings, and build small homes for themselves and natives.

Rosamond Press


The Beautiful South has awoken! The bloody flag of thorns and brambles, has been removed.

The Brothers Grimm included a variant Little Briar Rose in their collection (1812).[6] Their version ends when the prince arrives to wake Sleeping Beauty, unlike the stories of Basile and Perrault.[8] Some translations of the Grimms’ tale give the princess the name Rosamond.

The lost Rosamond graves are found!

“These graves are right along a paved road in the woods (I mean, the stones are right along the road). This cemetery is in bad shape. No one is taking care of it. It is over grown in weeds, trees and with poison oak and ivy everywhere. David, Mark and I ventured out into the cemetery a little ways. Couldn’t go to each stone because the poison oak & ivy is soooo thick.

 Before the Commencement of the Colonial dispute (Revolution) my grandfather…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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