Assad Putin&Trump Will Launch Holy Crusade

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Assad invited Trump to come to Syrian and help him and Putin fight ISIS. A line has been crossed. Trump is authoring fiction for his base knowing they will buy anything, so he can pit them against the democrats who he called his “enemy”. There has to be a reason for his lies. Fascists have used this technique. This is a loyalty check. It may be crafted by Putin who is filling Trump with the idea he is another Patten. He is also the head of the SS Waffen who invaded Russia, but, this time the Russians are on Hitler’s side. How can you lose! This is why Trump and Putin are so concerned with crowd size. They know more than half of The People do not want another Crusade in the Middle East. This is why Trump keeps saying he was against ‘Shock and Awe’ but, not against ‘Desert Storm’. He is poised to do something very disagreeable, and would like to say the majority of Americans GAVE HIM PERMISSION.

Erdogan is rounding up the Kurds and others allied to them. He has grown close with Putin. Both leaders would BETRAY Trump’s army that would be trapped in the desert wilderness – as planned! Iran will send in a huge force. There would be a uprising in the U.S. Trump’s Militias will open fire on the Traitors. ISSIS will be allowed to finish off Trump’s Army. They will make a truce with Russia, Turkey, and Iran. These are NOT Christian Countries. Europe will be overrun by Alt-Right Nazi Isolationists who will purge Muslims from their midst. They will sign a treaty with Putin.

This is ARMAGEDDON, folks! Wake up! There was a round-up of illegal aliens. The Nazis started with the mentally hill that were locked away in the homes of good Germans. After good people agreed to this, then, how can they make a stance?

Jon ‘The Seer’

President Donald Trump.

WASHINGTON — President Trump has revived unproven voter fraud allegations, telling a group of senators in a private meeting Thursday that he lost New Hampshire last November because thousands of Massachusetts residents were bused to the neighboring state to cast ballots against him.

The president offered no evidence to support the claim. New Hampshire’s secretary of state, who is in charge of elections in the state, disputed the president’s claims, as did the state’s two US senators, and on Friday night a member of the Federal Election Commission called on Trump to release proof of his charge.

Trump also said that illegal voting was part of the reason former senator Kelly Ayotte, a Republican, lost. An aide to Ayotte said that she does not believe she lost because of voter fraud.

The claims were made while Trump was meeting in the White House with a bipartisan group of senators. The conversation is further evidence that Trump continues to be focused on the election, which he won despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes.


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