Patrice Says I Brought Up Blood Test

I become suspicious, and, just want to SEE my daughter, if just for half an hour. Patrice has talked to Snyder about his biography. When my aunt told me she saw a photo of Heather in the Rosamond gallery – before Patrice contacted me – this made sense.

“Heather to claim her real heritage.”

They wanted that blood test – before a member of my family told me they cased out the gallery, and then contacted me. It is chilling to know these three Hanson women, were plotting and conspiring how to get money out of my sister’s estate left to my two nieces, Drew Benton, and Shannon Rosamond, who they could care less about. I hold Sydney Morris responsible for this. He threw my sister’s body on a slab of stone, and called for the vultures to get what they can.

I should of told this cunt that when her co-man shows up, I’ll begin his blood test with a baseball bat. And, if he stills wants my daughter – he can pay for the blood test!

Perhaps we understand things a little differently
here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
Del Piano.

Then there is this evil line. Patrice says she put Randy’s name on the birth certificate knowing Heather was my baby!

“Maybe we don’t have to be concerned about the ways of the world? I don’t know.”

The person that needed a blood test – was Randy Delpiano! How come Evil Aunt Linda didn’t demand this violent convict take a test – if she was raped by her kin? Then, Evil aunt Linda could call up Randy’s probation officer – and demand he take a test. Linda knew her nephews were being scarred for life by this felon – and did not intervention! Maybe Linda should have made a anonymous call to me? Is there an Evil Test – yet? How about Holy Water? My poor daughter, born amidst mentally ill drunks and monsters!


From: Presco Jon
To: Bancrofthouse@
CC: jonpresco8@
Subject: Re: Heather
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:07:16 -0800 (PST)

Patrice; Once again, I will try to make this simple.
When I mentioned the blood-test, I was referring to
this as being ONE of the reasons I was feeling
anxiety, I only interested – AT THE TIME – in getting
a clearer picture of my daughter, it so very faint for
all the obvious reasons! I was not bringing up this
anxiety in order to coherse you into doing my bidding.
I was not saying “Your suggestion has made me upset,
anxious, and thus is jeopardized my relationship with
my daughter. Therefore, you must relieve my anxiety by
doing what I want – or, go along with what I do not
want to do.”

In Recovery this called Emotional Blackmail. I
mentioned this test again as to why I REALLY and TRULY
felt anxious, and am beginning to feel this way again!
I am embaraased about my anxiety, verses trying to get
you to do my will. Are you trying to make your point
clear – for the record?

For the record, all my letters and other forms of
communication are protected under my Copyright, I
registering my biography ‘Bonds with Angels’ under the
same Copyright, under the title ‘Notes of a New
Nazarite’ registration number TXu 791-053. The mention
of this Copyright is made in my Homepage ‘Royal
Rosamond Press’. I mention this as Tom Snyder
forwarded your email you sent him where you state you
are very interested in the biography he is writing.

As to what other arrangements that can be made in order
that Heather and I can see each other without any
other agendas getting in the way, is as follows:

1. I can see Heather for a half hour tommorow, and
then proceed to Oakland where my friend is letting me
stay in his mother’s house while she is in the
hospital. Heather can come visit me in Oakland, wespending a day

2. My friend Virginia has offered to let Heather stay
in her home if she would care to come up and visit me.
Virginia and I are just good friends.

For you to introduce a violent, known liar, into this
picture, a man who has physically threatened me with a
baseball bat (as so many of my friends recall) as one
reason I should get a blood test in order to protect
my daughter from him, is highly suspicious. One can
easily say this IS cohersion, a thinly veiled TEST to
see if i am really a good father. Are you working my
low self-esteem on this one? How about your sister?


Bancrofthouse@ wrote:
Good morning! As I go through the morning, getting
ready to go, I stop by the computer to see if there are any messages
fromyou. It’s so nice to find one. I understand your feelings but I
want to remind you that you said to me that you were going to
a blood test also. Perhaps we understand things a little differently
here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
Del Piano. Maybe we don’t have to be concerned about the ways of the
world? I don’t know. My concern would be to take the actions
hat will produce the greatest good for all of us, especially
based on what is true and real. We can discuss this further and take
a look at it when you are here. Yes, all is well that ends well and
have no doubts about you and who you are. I see you only in the
highest and brightest light. Knowing Heather, I can’t help but do
that- she is so much you and she is so special, as I have said over
and over.



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    When you have attended AA for a year, you know what the twelve steps are. Helping other that suffer from the disease of Alcoholism is a spiritual calling because we hear AA is a spiritual program. Christine considered those around her that need what she got in order to save her life. From the very get, Linda Comstock was keen on getting money from me and my family with the help of her attorney husband – and my minor daughter – who hears THE PLOTTING. The Comstocks were/are famous alcoholics. They saw me as – THE ENEMY out to control them! Linda launched Bill Cornwell at me – and the family sobriety. He and Greg Locke are cut from the same cloth. Nearly a hundred thousand people will die dur to alcohol abuse. My daughter and her family – could care less! Her new lover, Bobby Dew, said he had gone ten days without a drink because I was going to be a grandfather again. An estimated 95,000 people (approximately 68,000 men and 27,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually,15 making alcohol the third-leading preventable cause of death in the United States. The first is tobacco, and the second is poor diet and physical inactivity.16 Pentagon to require COVID vaccine for all troops by Sept. 15 (

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    Alcohol Facts and Statistics | National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) (

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