Swineburne’s Pre-Raphaelite Fair Lady

On this day, June 21, 2018, I declare Lara Roozemond, a Pre-Raphaelite Poet – and Muse! She is ‘Denim and Silk’.

Rosamond Press





danteswinIn 1969 I began looking for a spiritual vehicle to move my art in a new direction. I discovered the Pre-Raphaelite. I shared my discovery with Christine who had become absorbed in the Ring Trilogy of J.R. Tolkien. Here are the images that would consume our culture, and the counter-culture. Add Enya’s music, and the worship of women is born. Rosamond’s posters were found all over the world in 1972. Lovers of Rosamond’s work began to ask questions. Some fans thought she was a man. Was she a Lesbian? Why didn’t she render men, her love objects?

After I would finish a painting I would write a poem inspired by my work. Sometimes I would play my guitar before my painting, I improvising, looking for new notes and chords.

None of my imput appears in the movie scripts or biographies about Christine Rosamond because the un-creative had taken control of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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