Good Riddance to Billy Graham

Hollywood will never go for Victoria Bond because of my rant against the fake Christians who overlook the huge sins of THEIR president. Then there is my fight with some women Women put Trump in office and love Franklin. Why?

Rosamond Press

Billy Graham founded the Red State Bible Belt. He said God wanted him to win. Well, he won, and this is what winning looks like. This is as good as it gets, before all Americans sink back in the Abyss of Hatred. We are seeing Rabid Sheep attacking teenagers who saw their classmates get slaughtered. These Demon Seeds for Jesus will not give up one inch of their self-righteous gains – without a bloody fight! With the internet, the Tide of Holy Battle is waged in seconds. Everyone can now see how The Line if the Sand is being moved back and forth. Graham&Son loved/love the NRA. Billy was anti-Semitic.

This is what is called for. The beloved Battle of Armageddon – with Rapture – is just around the corner. Don’t give an inch back to the leftist secular government – or Jesus won’t come! The Black-hearted Evil Ones want…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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