I Place Graham Under Citizen’s Arrest

Satan Graham hates the media. What is his motive? Does he want to see everyone walking about reading their eletronic Bibles in the street?

Rosamond Press

The media and enemies of President Trump have tried to drive a wedge between Russia and the United States,” Graham, who is known for spouting Islamophobic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, wrote. “Our country needs Russia as an ally in the fight against Islamic terrorism. Join me in praying for President Trump and President Vladimir Putin as they have this very strategic meeting.”

I hereby place Franklin under Citizens Arrest for conspiring against the Democracy of the United States of America. Graham is one of the main reasons Traitor Trump does not publicly chastise Dictator Putin for interfering with our elections. These Fake Leaders are guilty of Conspiracy when all Americans are under attack by a Foreign Enemy.

These Conspirators will also be judged by Angel Michael. Prayers are no good, here. Votes count – if you believe God and Jesus guided the founding of our Democracy. Pray fo the Fake…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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