The Rapture Is A Lie

The Evangelical Cult, that makes up Trump’s base, was born around 1840. It is not a orthodox Protestant religion, and all Zionist Jews know it. They pretend that it is America’s tradtional church in order to get to our tax money and put our armed forces in their radical religious camp. They want Americans to do thier fighting. We’re hosts to parasites. This is why Zionist Jews are behind the cult practice of denying food and medical treatment to those who they deem – not one of them! They have egregiously interfered with our Democratic Traditions, while they practice a ever more stringent Pure Blood Cult Orthodoxy. Did members of the super race not allow unclean women to ride on the bus with them? How about Jewish bus riders?

One reason for oppressing women, is, they are Good Arguers. Men are born with an extra penis I call ‘The Heritage Penis’. National flags stem from the Dumb Heritage Penis.

Orthodox Jews use the word HERITAGE like it is their God. The Nazis murdered millions of Jews in the name of protecting their HERITAGE. When I tell Zionist and their allied Republicans that I am protecting and promoting the TRADITIONAL Republican party that was founded by my kindred, and thus I am the caretaker of this HERITAGE, them become angry and insane.

Rosamond Press

As fate would have it, my ex-friend, Ed Corbin, is kin to one of the founders of the Evangelical Rapture LIE! Any Evangelical Leader who puts his hands on our President, and believes in the Rapture – IS A DEMON!

I posted this on 10-17-2017 when most American did not have a clue Trump was a Jesus-Freak. I have no followers or friends. I do not seek these things. Acting all alone, I have been persecuted and punished. I am just………..The Messenger!

And, now we got what they prayed for. It will be very hard getting rid of Satan. He will try to destroy the world rather than give up power.

Jon ‘The Nazarite Judge’

Trump Employs Evangelical Terrorism

The Rapture and End Time Terrorism of the Heretical Evangelical Cult, has declared Holy War on America. They employ the Republican Party…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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