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“Chazen was/is a CEO of Noble Oil, and set up tax shelters for them the Getty family. I suspect Cohen does the same for Trump. How about Hannity? Did Trump reward Sean by letting him in on the Default Merry Go Round? All those Jews that came up to Cohen as he sat outside in that café. I have wondered if there is a Jewish Real Estate Market Mafia, that is fueled by the Hawks of Zion, that Trump is rewarding with the building of OUR Embassy. Ariadne threatened to sue the producers of the new show about the kidnapping that says it was a inside job. Why isn’t J.P. Junior speaking out? His grandfather is letting him in on the trick of it, in the movie.”

I posted this at 4-21-18 at 18:06

Cian O’Shannity is Sean Hannity THE CATHOLIC STARVER who helped take food stamps from the poor while taking advantage of folks who default on their home loans. This is as dirty and low as it goes on the Moral Register. Jesus hated snakes like this!

Jon Presco

When the bell rang for the first round, Annie charged Cian while whirling her arm about like a helicopter.


When Annie saw O’Shannity’s eyes turn into two black pits of fear, and, as he looked in the corner for his agent who booked him for a good beat-down, Annie delivered an uppercut that knocked Cian over the ropes into a group of Beauty Queens that were texting away, and, didn’t see him coming. Cian, landed in their laps. Video shots were taken of Cian’s bloody mouth bleeding all over their Amanni dresses. Lawrers were called. The Starver of Little Children was……………..FINIS!

Several of Hannity’s properties were bought at a discount after their previous owners defaulted on their mortgages in 2013, the Guardian reported.

Hannity did not disclose his cooperation with HUD when he had Carson on his show last June, the Guardian noted.

During that segment, Hannity praised Carson, telling him, “you’ve done a good job.”

Hannity also railed against the state of public housing and made the false claim that home ownership was at a 51-year-low, the Guardian reported.

“I like the idea of them owning the place,” Hannity said of people who receive housing assistance from Carson’s agency.

“Well, that’s the real ideal,” said Carson.

Spokespeople for HUD and Fox News declined to comment to the Guardian.

However, Hannity’s real estate attorney Christopher Reeve said his client’s property holdings were “highly confidential” and not relevant for the public.

“I doubt you would find it very surprising that most people prefer to keep their legal and personal financial issues private,” Reeve told the newspaper. “Mr Hannity is no different.”

Hannity also never disclosed that he was also a client of President TrumpDonald John TrumpGingrich: Trump ‘mishandled’ Rosenstein memo on ComeyTrump to gift Macron framed upholstery: reportFormer presidents, first ladies come together to honor Barbara Bush MORE‘s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, during any of his segments complaining about the FBI investigation into Cohen.

He insisted that Cohen only briefly consulted on real estate matters.

“I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective,” Hannity said.

The shell companies are registered to the offices of Henssler Financial, a wealth management firm. Hannity has had one of the firm’s principals, Bill Lako, appear on his radio show.

Hannity did disclose that he was Henssler’s client and joked that the company took him on as a “charity case.”

The Guardian noted that Carson was not personally involved in any of Hannity’s dealings but does have the power to allow Hannity to convert rental complexes into sellable condos. 

The host, however, has criticized former President Obama in the past for the rate of US foreclosures, saying in 2016 there were “millions more Americans suffering under this president.”

Several of Hannity’s properties were bought at a discount after their previous owners defaulted on their mortgages in 2013, the Guardian reported.

Hannity is the hidden owner behind some of these shell companies, a fact his attorney did not dispute in a statement to the newspaper.

Each company uses a variation of the same name mixed with the initials of Hannity’s children.

Properties are located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Vermont, the Guardian reported.

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