“almost died”

I just found this news – 24 hours after I have Victoria Bond teetering on the edge, and, wrote about Paris.











When Paris Jackson posted an Instagram video of herself in March walking along the ledge of a skyscraper, it gave her family flashbacks.

One relative compared it to the infamous 2002 incident in which Paris’ father, Michael, dangled his then-infant son, Blanket, over a fourth-floor balcony of the Hotel Adlon in Berlin.



Suddenly Paris is walking right on the ledge where traffic and bystanders can be seen down below, revealing that she is many stories up.

Even scarier, Paris stumbles for a moment, before falling back into Cara’s arms.

The video, which has since been taken down, was captioned with “I almost died.”

“Everyone saw that video, and even though we all knew that she’s now OK, watching it was so traumatic that nobody wants to show it to either Katherine or Joe,” the relative explained, referring to Paris’ grandparents, and Michael’s mom and dad.

Page Six also reports, per a family source, that Jackson insiders share the fear that Paris is truly out of control, and approaching a “serious meltdown.”

At the moment, according to the source, there is no intervention in the works. “It’s not happening but everyone will regret it if she dies out there,” the source said.

Sadly, Paris struggles with a very difficult and troubled past, per her own accounts, includes three attempts at suicide, self-harming, cyber-bullying and sexual assault, as well as battling with keeping clean and issues with self-esteem.

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