Real Real estate

After I told my mother I met a man who met Chazen at an aution buying houses in DEFAULT, and, that he was Vic’s Private Lender, I presented a theory based upon ‘Paint Your Wagon’ where the gold dust that fell through the floor is – retrieved. Rosemary feared for my life. One of these lenders took her home Concord.

Rosamond Press

I am going to sell my idea for a reality show, called ‘Real Real estate’. The Bible is all about a Real estate Deal God made with His Chosen People. We’re talking about the greatest story ever told. It is about entitlement and the promised land. The mortgage meltdown caused the economy of many nations to take a tumble hurting the rich and poor alike. The middle class is no more, and no one is guaranteed a job in America. The American Promised Land – is dead! Who killed it? How can this land be restored?

The reason I took the Mafia to court in Boston in 1971, was due to a real estate deal the Mob made with a respectable gentleman who owned four properties on Beacon Hill near where the Kennedys lived. The property I lived in was run down and full of undesirables that needed to forced…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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