The Spud & Default King

I am about to reveal how I became an artist in Concord California when I was five years of age. The Concrord Historical Soceity might REJECT this real history, because it comes with criminal history – and FRAUD. What Comey is trying to say in his notes, is, that he may have talked to the Godfather of New York City with ties to the Russian Mafia, but, he is still a chicken-shit! He was afraid, that after Hillary won, shit would come out that would make him look bad. He plays the Boy Scout, and destroys many people, and the Democratic party – for now! Click on images to enlarge. A crook, is a crook, is a crook!

Rosamond Press

Like Vinnie ‘the chin”Gigante, Vic ‘six bucks’ spent allot time in a bathrobe. Vic fashioned himself as the ‘singing Don’ he a member of the Barbershop Quartet. Above we see ‘the crooner’ breaking out in song in the morn after a all-niter. When it came time to close the Kerry House, where I met Patrice Hanson, Vic & Son got to stay till sunup. I drank with my father, and called him Bill while in a nudie bar out on the highway. We were on our way to grandma’s for X-Mas. William was pop’s middle name.

When any of Vic’schildren would stop by, he would ceremoniously hand us a real estate paper and a stack of post cards. We must work before we play. We went to work on looking for folks who had defaulted on their home loan. We would write their address on the post card that introduced…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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