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Some of this history is going in Beryl Buck’s pile. I am going to put our history in – more than one book, and bequeath it to the Buck Foundation, making sure it is used properly. Some of this history is going to the Getty Foundation, and, a foundation I am seeking a grant from.

On January 5, 1811, Mary Catherine was married to Henry Bergaw Brevoort. They lived on Rouge Farm until 1812. In 1812, during the war while Henry was serving with Commodore Perry in the Lake Erie campaign, Mary Catherine was taken captive by Indians.
Following her release and the end of the war, they returned to Detroit and had five children.
Mary Catherine Brevoort Died on December 26, 1868 at the age of 86. She died in the house where she had been born and where she was married—a house that had been built by her father.

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[Top: Henry Brevoort, Washington Irving. Erasmus]

The Dutch scholar and historian, Teimen De Vries, suggested Washing Irving plagiarized  Erasmus’s story ‘Tale of Epimenides’ when he wrote Rip Van Winkle.

Is it possible Henry Brevoort owned this tale, it part of his rare book collection that ended up in the John Astor Library in New York City? Did some of these books come from Holland from where Irving suggests the ‘Rip Van Winkle’ story hail? Is Erasmus penning a letter to Godschalk Rosemondt in the painting above done by Hans Holbein? The portrait of Henry was done by Rembrandt Peale who painted George Washington.

My Quest moves me closer to the epicenter of the archetypes. I am surrounded by the giants of Art, Literature, Religion, and History. I am the King of the Knickerbockers – in absentia. I live in a bat cave in Gotham. I know…

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