Brevoort and Smithsonian

I own Bob Brevoort Buck’s family history. I did the HOME WORK. This poor boy from No Chair California has put together THE greatest Art Dynasty in Western History, and it’s going to get better! The abused boy in the Radio Flyer owns the Copyright on Western Culture. Beryl Buck would be very proud of me. I elevated her rich ancestors! I raised them up, while living on $700 dollars a month. Her billion dollar Trust – is going to waste! I need a good attorney! My cruel family would not have been this cruel to me – if they didn’t know there was a very rich and powerful man lurking in the background – in the dark! The world has seen what a rich man can do – and what he’s got to hide! I want Christine’s Recovery Journal! Fork it over – you devils!

Take note of my and my grandson’s fat cheeks, that Rosemary kept pinching long after I grew out of them.

“You had suck cute fat cheeks!”

A Railroad Job’

Sid Wolinsky, an attorney for Public Advocates, the other group seeking to break the will, termed the settlement ”a railroad job.” The public interest law firm represented more than 40 Bay area charitable groups that had sought to share in the money.

Mr. Wolinsky said that he would seek to take the case to another court.

”The real victims of this so-called resolution, if it goes through, are the needy of the Bay area,” he said.

Rosamond Press

This morning, following a hunch, I made the most profound discovery of all time. It will turn the literary world on its head, and guarantee a first rate history book. I dare not publish my finding lest the Gruntfocker Leaches pounce upon it, and squeeze and crush more roses to get to the money-juice. The Brevoorts are the Caretakers of much of America’s History. Their gifts – are stellar! They were patrons of the Arts and Literature. They built the Smithsonian’s first building that was titled ‘The Castle’. The Rougemont-Rosamond family came over with William of Orange. We corresponded with the Great Erasmus. There are letters.

I was evicted from several Templar-Priory de Sion groups for suggesting any lineage born of the union of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, would be recognized for their stellar contributions to Human Culture. Thanks to the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck, I can point…

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