Roza Bal and Sinclair

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rozabell2A funny thing happened on the way to Sinclair Family Forum. I came upon Roza Bal the alleged burial place of Jesus who I have claimed worshipped Ba’al, in the form of Melqart. I have suggested that Ba’al and Woden are the same, and the Norseman adopted the Canaanite Ba’al religion via the Phoenucians of Carthage that was destroyed by Rome. Hannibal had a vision of Melqart who bid him to attack Rome. Hanna is Johanna “gift of god”. Hannibal lost one eye in battle and his fate is not known. I suspect he fled to the Norseman and became Woden. The Sinclairs trace their lineage to the Norseman, and claim they are kin to Jesus and Mary Magdalene, but, give no clue as to how Vikings came to follow a Semitic religion that would be passed down in a blooline. Hannibal made an alliance with the Burgundians.

There is…

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