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Russia is expelling diplomats. More than 20 other countries, primarily European, also announced expulsions on Monday, and a few more joined in on Tuesday, as did NATO headquarters in Brussels. The expulsions were a remarkable show of international unity and coordination, in solidarity with Britain, which had already forced 23 Russian officials to leave the country; Moscow responded by expelling 23 Britons.
In all, 27 countries are ejecting more than 150 Russians, including people listed by their embassies and consulates as diplomats, and military and cultural attachés. Western officials say that many of the Russians are spies and that the expulsions will hinder Russian espionage efforts.

Intensifying Russia’s clash with Europe and the United States, the Kremlin on Thursday announced that it would expel 150 Western diplomats and close the American consulate in St. Petersburg.
The action was in retaliation for the expulsion of more than 150 Russian officials from other countries — which was itself a reaction to a nerve-agent attack on British soil that Britain and its allies have blamed on Moscow.

Rosamond Press

Columbia Along The Platte


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Ten hours after I wrote this, I found Rena Christensen and her People, camping along the Platte.

“As the Chosen Prophet of The Church of Art, I have the ability to summon, reborn, and channel the Great Artists of our Past, in order to arrive at Lost Truths. I cast off my disguise to expose a younger version of myself, for We Artists – ARE ONE!

We made America – even greater! Freedom is a work in progress! As the artist Bartholdi, I bring a message from The Eternally Creative Afterlife………”

I had looked at the name of Rena’s father again……Thomas Ernest Christensen. You will find a lineage of Danish men named Ernest due to the naming of the eldest son after his grandfather. The Christensens converted to Mormonism in Denmark, and came to America on the ship ‘Obetrit’. They…

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