Zionists Murder U.N. Representaive

There are eight million Jews in Israel. Consider the population of Manhattan. Why are we Americans spending our tax dollars on creating a Fake Jewish State founded on murder and terrorism? We all got an identity crisis thanks to the Trumpites forcing the elderly on Medicare to go work? How many Jews lost their lives fighting Iraq? Four. All Jews get free medical. Orthodox Jews hate Christians on pilgrimage. Adelson knows this. He is turning Las Vegas into a Red State Republican Party Funding For the  Jewish Mafia Racket that renders poor Americans – even poorer! Food stamps are being taken away from children – and Adelson knows it. At the same time he puts well fed American Jews on jets, for a ten day all expenses paid vacation in Israel. Is this payback? Adelson might be the true leader of our Democracy. I have encountered Zionist Trolls, that Putin is mimicking.

I am one of the few who can fight the Zionist Evangelical Nazis because of my Biblical knowledge. It is not enough to be a secular radical – who don’t even look at anything Biblical, and thus, do not know how Fake Holy Masks are employed.

Adelson is using gambling money to lure Liberal Jews away from the Democratic Party. Trump is helping the Zionists in this TEMPTATION by relocating the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Donald ‘The Pussy Grabber’  is using our tax money to convert voters, violating separation of church and state. I am going to try to bring a lawsuit that will challenge the idea of dual-citizenship mixed with Biblical Politics and Propaganda. We do not need Radicalized Citizens pledging allegiance to the Davidic Flag of Israel. U.S. Citizens do not need to be turned into Holy Foreigners for the sake of Republicans.

Jon Presco

The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem will open in May to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel declaring its independence, Trump administration officials said Friday.

A senior State Department official said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson approved a security plan late Thursday for an embassy location to open in Jerusalem. The embassy would be in an annex of an existing U.S. facility in the neighborhood of Arnona.

The official told Fox News that the hope is for the U.S. to develop only a “footprint” there in May, with a target of a fuller complement and facility by the end of 2019.

Administration officials said that Congress would be notified of the May move on Friday.


After the war, Bernadotte was unanimously chosen to be the United Nations Security Council mediator in the Arab–Israeli conflict of 1947–1948. He was assassinated in Jerusalem in 1948 by the militant Zionist group Lehi while pursuing his official duties. Upon his death, Ralph Bunche took up his work at the UN, but was removed from the post around six months after Bernadotte was assassinated, at the critical period of recognition of the fledgling state.

Folke Bernadotte was born in Stockholm into the House of Bernadotte. He was the son of Count Oscar Bernadotte of Wisborg (formerly Prince Oscar of Sweden, Duke of Gotland) and his wife Ebba Munck af Fulkila. His grandfather was King Oscar II of Sweden.

Bernadotte attended school in Stockholm, after which he entered training to become a cavalry officer at the Royal Military Academy. He took the officer’s exam in 1915, was commissioned a lieutenant in 1918, and subsequently was promoted to the rank of major.

Bernadotte represented Sweden in 1933 at the Chicago Century of Progress Exposition, and later served as Swedish commissioner general at the New York World’s Fair in 1939–40. Bernadotte had long been involved with the Swedish Boy Scouts (Sveriges Scoutförbund), and took over as director of the organization in 1937. At the outbreak of World War II, Bernadotte worked to integrate the scouts into Sweden’s defense plan, training them in anti-aircraft work and as medical assistants. Bernadotte was appointed vice chairman of the Swedish Red Cross in 1943.[4]

During the autumns of 1943 and 1944, he organized prisoner exchanges which brought home 11,000 prisoners from Germany via Sweden. While vice-president of the Swedish Red Cross in 1945, Bernadotte attempted to negotiate an armistice between Germany and the Allies. He also led several rescue missions in Germany for the Red Cross. In April 1945, Heinrich Himmler asked Bernadotte to convey a peace proposal to Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Harry S. Truman without the knowledge of Adolf Hitler. The main point of the proposal was that Germany would only surrender to the Western Allies (the United Kingdom and the United States), but would be allowed to continue resisting the Soviet Union. According to Bernadotte, he told Himmler that the proposal had no chance of acceptance, but nevertheless he passed it on to the Swedish government and the Western Allies. It had no lasting effect.[5][6]

Nathan Friedmann (also called Natan Yellin-Mor) and Yisrael Eldad (also known as Scheib). A fourth leader, Emmanuel Strassberg (Hanegbi) was also suspected by the Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion of being part of the group that had decided on the assassination.[31][32][33][34] The assassination was planned by the Lehi operations chief in Jerusalem, Yehoshua Zettler. A four-man team ambushed Bernadotte’s motorcade in Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood, consisting of Yehoshua Cohen, Yitzhak Ben-Moshe (Markovitz), Avraham Steinberg, and Meshulam Makover. The team left a Lehi base in a jeep and set up a makeshift roadblock at Ben Zion Guini Square, off Hapalmah Street, and waited in the jeep. When Bernadotte’s motorcade approached, Cohen, Ben-Moshe, and Steinberg got out and approached the jeep, while Makover, the driver, remained. Captain Moshe Hillman, the motorcade’s Israeli liaison officer who was sitting in the leading UN vehicle, called out in Hebrew to let them through, but was ignored. Cohen came up to Bernadotte’s sedan and fired through an open window, hitting Bernadotte and a French officer who was sitting beside him, Colonel André Serot. Both Bernadotte and Serot were killed. Ben-Moshe and Steinberg shot at the tires of the UN vehicles, while Cohen finished the magazine by firing at the radiator. The driver of the sedan, Colonel Begley, got out and tried to grapple with Cohen as he fired his last shots, but was burned in the face by the gun flashes. Ben-Moshe and Steinberg then rushed back and mounted the jeep, which quickly accelerated down a side road, while Cohen ran away from the scene across a roadside field.[35][36][37][38] Following the shooting, Bernadotte’s sedan sped to the Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital, despite damage to the radiator; the lead vehicle followed as its tires came apart. General Åge Lundström, who was in the UN vehicle, described the incident as follows:


A mob of ultra-Orthodox Jews has occupied the Upper Room, the sacred site of the Last Supper, forcing Christian pilgrims who were gathered there for the feast of Pentecost into a small adjacent room while they danced and prayed.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon. According to Israeli police sources the group was composed of “about 30” ultra-Orthodox Jews. Moshe Feiglin, a member of parliament in the ranks of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party, was also among the group.

The Upper Room, where the Last Supper and Pentecost took place, is a room on the second floor of a building near the area of ​​Mount Zion. Since the twelfth century, it’s ground floor is also believed to be the site of the burial of King David, although many archaeologists and historians doubt this.

On the last day of his visit to the Holy Land, Pope Francis had permission to celebrate Mass in the Upper Room, together with local bishops and patriarchs.

The site belongs to the State of Israel, which has banned all Christian churches from holding liturgies there. Only John Paul II and Pope Francis have been granted this opportunity.

There had been talk in the past of Israel’s signing over the rights of the Status Quo for the Upper Room to the Custody of the Holy Land, which was the original owner of the holy place, before the Ottomans and then the Israelis took it over. 0ffensive and violence graffiti against Christians often appear near the sacred site.

In the days prior to Pope Francis’ visit, groups of ultra-Orthodox Jews demonstrated in Jerusalem and Mount Zion, opposing any attempt sign over the holy place to Christians (see photo). The government has stated that the Upper Room will remain state-owned.

Also yesterday, the ultra-Orthodox Jews carried placards accusing the government of lying on the status quo of the Upper Room with them.

Often Christian pilgrims – paying an entrance fee – also visit the so-called “tomb of King David” on the ground floor, pausing sometimes in prayer. The group of protesters yesterday considers this an act of “blasphemy” and “a provocation.” For this they wanted to occupy the sacred site upstairs praying and dancing and driving the Christians out.

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    If the Zionist State of Israel was created to give all Jews a IDENTITY, then, there is an admittance they did not HAVE AN IDENTITY. If the Zionist State of Israel was created to give all Jews a SAFE HAVEN, then there is an admittance they had NO SAFE HAVEN. We are talking about the IDEA OF HOME. That idea no long exists, because all the Jews of Israel have taken part in devastating the people camped in their living room. They are there because the Zionists Jews not only ignored the UN Report written 75 years ago, they assassinated the man who wrote it, and concluded there would never be peace between the Jews and the Arabs. Bernadott did not conclude the Jews have no write to exist. He simply stated the facts, and told the truth. This morning the world asks, what is a Jew? Who is a Jew? Why is a Jew? Like other displaced people, like blacks in America, and, the Turnverein Germans, the homeland is lost to them. The Forty-Eighters lost to the Habsburg army. They then helped free the slaves by fighting in the devastating Civil War that left Atlanta ruined, and in flames. “After huddling at home during Israel’s 11-day bombardment of Gaza, the shock of seeing houses and other buildings destroyed after yet another conflict tempered Palestinian joy that this round of fighting was over.

    “It’s like a tsunami,” said Abu Ali, standing next to a heap of rubble that had been a 14-storey tower in Gaza City.

    “How can the world call itself civilised? This is a war crime. We are ruled by laws of the jungle,” he said on Friday, hours after a truce was declared.

    Commercial buildings, residential towers and private houses across the Palestinian enclave that is home to 2 million people were damaged or destroyed by the time Israel and Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas announced Friday’s ceasefire. Like a tsunami’: Gazans emerge to see the damage after fighting ends (msn.com)

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